Rumble Roses XX to Have Fighting Game Mode :clap:

Which reminds me, I have to get the first RR for PS2 later this year.

I’m still looing for the RR dojinshi.

There are dozens and dozens already. No, not scanned. In japanese doujin stores.

A; I live in America.
B; I’m poor, and the shipping alone makes my wallet and wang cry.
C; I never do well with tangible dojin. I always get bored with them and toss them after a few months.

New trailer:

Translation: you’re lazy, cheap and a thief.

It always cracks me up people trying to justify stealing.

you get a boner when you spend money?

I like how they go out of their way to bash DOA even though they clearly are trying to steal the thunder of the DOA fighting games as well as DOA Volley Ball.

I saw the first game used for pretty cheap. Do I want to buy it? I like ass and boobs, but if the game sucks to play, then I’m not going to have any motivation to put it into my system. The only wrestling game I’ve ever played was “Smackdown” for the PS1 and I didn’t like it. Button mashing nonsense…

But yeah I do like ass/boobs though and I also love the games Konami publishes (Jackal and Contra for NES, Gradius, MGS series, DDR series). Do I really want to spend some money on this game though? Somebody who has this game already please give me your opinion? I’m not paying $50 new that’s for sure, but the used price is tempting.

The wrestling is pretty simple and fun too. It reminds me of the time it was fun to play a wrestling game. Don’t go in looking for a Deep or even believable moves. you won’t find that here. I did find it more fun than the WWE games that’s for sure.

Also each character has her own story in the game so it’s fun to run through the story mode with everyone at least one.

And yes the Ass and Titties are very nice in this game. There is a fetish girl here for everyone.

:rofl:Funny to hear. I would like to hear what Itagaki would say

What’s really funny is that they seem to actually care that people see Rumble Roses as being a DOA knockoff; which it clearly is. It seems like if the RR team is going to sink as low as knocking off the fighting game with the massive boobies, they could at least own up to it and not pretend that making a cheesy T&A wrestling game is some noble act.

Noted again.

EDIT: To all the haters, RR actually has a pretty good wrestling engine, compared to DOA’s so-called fighting game engine or rather “DOA type” engine.

points to sig

Aside from looking up anestesia’s skirt there is nothing in this game remotely worth playing after you unlock the alter egos. Trash game is a rental, especially if you’ve got a 360 to get the new one on.

Justify? Man, fuck you, I don’t need excuses to not pay money, I do it of my own violition. What kind of high and mighty horse do you think you’re riding spouting crap like that.

Note, I forgot about this thread until Manx’s reply and It’s just a thief with a low attention span. Spending money on something that I won’t even use for that long. What the hell kind of bad planning is that?

And being poor makes you cheap?

^^ Yes it does. don’t agree with it, but…aaahhhh…that’s the way the bitches see it.

I liked the original on PS2, actually like it better than SvR. SvR 2006 looks good though, so when I get that I’ll probably play that more. I don’t know if I’ll ever get a 360, but if I do I’d definitely get RR XX for it.

What is the gameplay of this game like? I might get it in the future, just wanna know if it’s any good.