RUMOR (I.E. don't believe this as fact, you idiots) 2 Character Themes

I really wouldn’t say this came from any kind of reliable source, and the audio is pretty low quality, but here’s supposedly two character themes that got leaked.

MvsC3 theme1.mp3
MvsC3 theme2.mp3

I understand if this gets locked, frankly even if you don’t want to believe these are official they are at least very catchy tunes.

Host em on youtube.

So they can be stolen on Eventhubs for us to laugh at.

The first one reminds me of Killer Instinct. Me likey.

Fine, fine. They’re not viruses, I swear, but I’ll upload them on youtube anyways.

Well, the first one is from Mega Man X4, so I’m assuming the second one is just as false. And please, don’t put them on EH, the site’s credibility will die if you do that…if it hasn’t already. BAZING.

Those themes actually sounded good, so I doubt they are from MvC3

Oh, please DO, so we don’t ever have to hear from them again.

you got this from /v/, good job


Second one sounds like it’s from Castlevania, a one that was set in the 1970’s…

But I’m not mean! XD

But we gotta close this topic. Hype-a-mania running wild, brother. Anybody will believe anything lol.

This should be in the speculation thread if anywhere. We don’t need eleventy threads like this on whatever random game aspect.