Rumor: Namco vs Capcom and Capcom vs Namco In Development


Kotaku Link. The Capcom game might be good but I don’t see how Capcom characters can fit in the Tekken engine.


Oh here it goes…


I’m pretty sure SRK started that rumour.


Both games will be terribad.

You heard it here first. Same mIRC time, same mIRC network.


Game Informer claims it got the news from their “sources” which I doubt involve SRK.


If this is true I hope adjustments are made to the game engines in question here. Getting EWGF’d out of a blockstring would really annoy me!
NvC and CvN eh…yeah we’ll see


EVO2k11 lineup

Super Street Fighter 4
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Tekken 7
Namco vs Capcom
Capcom vs Namco
Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo - HD Remix


2 shitty games for the price of 1


If Henaki didn’t leak it, it isn’t true


capcom doesn’t make fighting games, hasn’t since CFJ


Its only a rumor right now until capcom confirms otherwise. I don’t care for namco though too much.


lol if this comes true


Don’t forget Blazblue, KOFXIII, and MK9…


really all it needs is just MK9


After reading “Yoshinori Ono” and “SFIV engine”, I’m more excited about the Namco developed game.


I’d buy them both

why the fuck not


dunno. There are some capcom characters that I think i’d like to see in the SSF4 engine. I just hope they don’t fuck it up making megaman look like the hulk.


but you joined because of sf4


no reason to assume both of them are fighting games


Art style =! Game engine