Rumor: Namco vs Capcom and Capcom vs Namco In Development

good point

No reason to assume they exist

isn’t it =/= ?
anyways, those were two different statements I was making. sorry if it made it look like they were coherent with eachother :x

no prob and =! is a relational operator in C++ which makes that comparison.

I don’t trust Kotaku, and GI has been known to goof up some shit from time to time. I’m reserving judgement and all comments until Comic Con. Once Ono or Harada-san say something themselves, then I’ll get all hype.

Why? Cause a game magazine reported it?

Journalist report rumors all the time and a small percentage of them are real. I remember EGM now reported a Mana MMO for the Wii and that never came to fruition

This wold probably materialize but if it doesn’t I wouldn’t be surprised. Shouldn’t get you hopes up too high with these things.

Definitely needed a new thread for this! The ‘ono’s riddle’ thread and ‘tekken vs sf’ thread weren’t enough! Thanks for the kotaku link, they’re always reliable

jesus youre obtuse

That’s an unexpected way to solve the “whatever they make will just appeal to one side” complaints. If it’s true that is. I’d buy… At least one of them. As long as they remember that Capcom and Namco is more than SF and Tekken.

The rumour follows the precedent established by capcom with the cvs and svc fighting games Both companies are well known (best konwn imo) for fighting games. And Ono has been giggling about something big that he’s about to announce, Id say theres more reason to assume they are fighting games than not.

I’m not to thrilled at the idea of either really. They’re not 2 games I personally wanted to mix, nor am I confident they could mix well.

If they were to exist though, I’ll be expecting Pac man in there as some sort of weird novelty character for the lolz…or else!

Ono isn’t going to announce namco vs capcom. The announcement is clearly an updated teenage mutant ninja turtles: tournament fighters game. This is the only thing that makes sense, and lots of gaming sources have proved this to be true…

Let me paraphrase that. I’m not saying that SFIV is complete crap (I wouldn’t play it if it was), but I just don’t want Capcom vs Namco (assuming the rumor is true and we will see 2 games) be another dumb down game.

I remember reading somewhere Ono’s thoughts about SFIV where he literally says something like: “We need to lower the accessibility bar even more than SFIV”. Sure that doesn’t mean that this game will be dumbed down, but still I’d rather see somebody else working on this game, not Ono.

That’s why I’m more excited about Namco developed game.

MK9 at EVO 2011 would be awesome.

Do you have a source on that, not calling it BS, I just wouldn’t mind reading that article/ interview.

Also, if the game turns out to be lame (which there is a high chance it could do given what they’re trying to mash together), people will vote with there wallets or it will just die off in popularity very fast. So the errors of their ways will be known to them.

Although ideally this project wouldn’t happen, and instead Ono/ Capcom would work on making another great beat em up on par with SSFIV.

In my dreams. ;_;

If you want to play good games that require smart players they’ve already been made. If you want games targeted towards today’s youth, play new games, even grand theft auto- they’re not going to be perfect, they’re just there to take your money and entertain you for a couple hours.

Fighting games are beyond redemption, its inevitable. (That doesn’t mean they’re not fun to play though)

I will agree that mixing the two styles of gameplay would not be a good idea.

Which is why I believe the best way to do it is a Tekken game with the characters from Street Fighter but not the gameplay. The Street Fighter characters would be changed to Tekken rules. The Street Fighters would be made to be equal in ability to Tekken characters. If its a move that would be ridiculous or out of place in a regular Tekken game then it gets removed, toned down or adjusted. The focus would be on a character’s fighting style and not their signature special moves.

It would be a game that would be more suited to Tekken fans than Street Fighter fans. Even if you’re a master at Street Fighter but never touched a Tekken game, you would have to relearn all your familar characters again. Zangeif would still be slow and heavy hitting, Chun-Li would still be fast, Ken would still be flashy, Ryu would still be serious and Dan would still be a joke.

And why make a crossover if the Street Fighter characters don’t play anything like they used to do? Because Tekken and Street Fighter are big names in the fighting game business. I can customise characters to look like Ken and Ryu in Tekken 6 but it isn’t them. It has been sufficient time from the release of Tekken 6 that Namco should be announcing a sequel. Tekken vs. Street Fighter or Namco vs. Capcom, if it becomes real, whatever it is called, may very well be it.

EDIT: Ah, I just read that there may be two games. One by Capcom and one by Namco. You want Jin Kazama throwing fireballs and six button, go with the Capcom version.

All of this is deliciously absurd, and yet… compelling. Very interested in the final games.

Kinda wish it was Darkstalkers, though. Maybe DS characters will appear…

i’m trying to think of any namco characters with projectiles?

it wont be tekken vs sf so i imagine it will be a little zany.