RUMOR: New DC animated series- Green Lantern by Bruce Timm and Young Justice (TT 2.0)


Hope the Young Justice/Titans series is true at least, if Conner’s done right this show will rock.

If Bart is done right imo in YJ (IMPULSE, not Kid Flash)…it will rock even more.

Green Lantern is going to be hype.

If they can implement the other 6 Lantern colours, it’d rock even more.
Animated Larfleeze would so fucking own.

If it’s possible…I hope they don’t go to the other lantern colors right away into the series.
Aside from Yellow of course.

Edit: Just saw the news again…it’s gonna be CG?
I’ll have to wait and see.

Remember when Guy Gardner cameo’d as a thief in the Superman cartoon?

Well i already know people are pissed that Wonder Girl isn’t in it which to me makes sense since she was leader of the group from time to time.

Tim/Robin instead of Dick/Nightwing plz kthx. Other than that, if they can get something approaching the Peter David YJ level of awesomeness, I’m ALL ON BOARD. GL should be hype as well, of course. Please bring back Phil Lamarr for John Stewart.

tim drake is broken.“lawl…i figured out your batman cuz i was bored…make me ur sidekick.”-tim drake

young justice was such a good series for its time.

impulse is gonna have monster a.d.d hahah.

Young Justice (League) true?