Rumor: PSN to get Neo Geo back catologue

I’d be so pumped if this is true. anyone else excited?

PSN To Get Neo Geo Back Catalogue? | NowGamer

Awesome news!

Give me Last Blade 2, Real Bout 2, Mark of the Wolves, Sengoku 3, Mutation Nation, Shock Troopers, Nam 1975 and Blazing Star to name a few and you’ll own my wallet SNK. Please do it!

I would love if they added online to these fighters.

Why the hell would I want those games over 02UM and NGBC?

SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So…what’s the point of this announcement, again?

List of PSOne Classics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ctrl+F “SNK”

Online MOTW, NGBC with Online from 360, and of course both kof2002 UM and kof’98UM

Probably to add the games NOT in that collection.

How about versions of the games with no loading times and with full animation frames?

99% of content released for both PS3 and PSP on PSN is of the PSone Classics variety. SNK has a long history of releasing PSone Classics for SNK. Nothing in that article suggests they are not PSone Classics.


Screw the neo geo back catalog while the 360 gets garou, both kof UM’s, and NGBC

NGBC and the KoF UM series are not Neo Geo games…

I’m sure they’ll get to the good stuff soon enough…at least I hope…

Uh… If you’re talking to me that’s why I said screw the back catalog

How many PS1 versions of the games are ALREADY ON PSN? There’s no reason for this announcement if they’re gonna re-release things that are already in digital form on PSN. Also, how much of the SNK catalog isn’t on PS1? So far they have zero intent on putting PS2 games on PSN, and that’s where all of the collection games are.

when they say ps3 in the same sentence as psp, that usually just means the ps1 version. god damnit :frowning:

What announcement? All there is is one site that doesn’t have its head separated from its ass when it comes to digital SNK releases going “oh hey ESRB ratings!”, which as far as I can tell means that some of those damned PSX games will be downloadable in America instead of just Japan.

Now unless someone actually fucking wants the PSX version of fucking KoF98 for some strange reason, that doesn’t do much.

They aren’t PS1 versions, they are actual Neo Geo versions. The PSP got an update in the firmware 6.3 in which adds a folder for PC Engine and NeoGeo games. PC Engine games have been release in Japan for a while, they are emulator base IIRC. So most likely this deal with NeoGeo games will be the same case.

Picture of PC Engine and NeoGeo Folders:

Video Format:

PS3 hasn’t gotten that yet, but for the looks of it, it will be able to play those PC Engine and NeoGeo games.

Nah not directed at you.

I’m saddened by the lack of enthusiasm in this thread. Isn’t this awesome news?


i would be glad with just LB2 and RBS with GGPO netcode… go go SPEED LEE and SOKAKU ownage…

Any kind of online with those games would be great. I just hope they do have online features at least on the PS3 version.