[RUMOR] Roy(FE) and Ryu(SF) Sound Files Found


With the release of Mewtwo, the new Mii outfits and version 1.0.6, players have been digging around in the games files to see if they’ve managed to nerf Greninja (again) or provided buffs to characters that need them. With the fall of the Hoo-Hah, comes the rise of this interesting piece of news. /U/shinyquagsire23 on Reddit has uncovered some interesting data. The files he discovered are named as following:


These files are all victory themes for various characters. Lucas and Mewtwo are known of course, but the interesting thing is that there appears to be files for Roy (of Fire Emblem fame) and Ryu (of Street Fighter fame). While Roy is a returning character, Ryu would be Capcom’s second representative in Smash. So, the discovery of these files on the 3DS version come as a shock to many. Take a listen to the found sounds in the video below.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor, so be wary.

Audio here :

Source : http://smashboards.com/threads/rumor-roy-and-ryu-sound-files-found.399114/


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