Rumor: Some Street Fighter collection for the Wii


I was just looking through the ESRB’s website for some info on the impending Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Playstation network release and came across a listing for a slew of Street Fighter titles for the Wii. Does anyone know anything about this? Will it be an Anthology collection similar to the one for the PS2?


well there was a bunch of sfII virtual console releases, so if it was superSF2, CE, or hyper then it maybe that. were they alpha titles?


Street Fighter 3 Anthology? Hyper Street Fighter 3?


Yeah, I see what you’re talking about and it’s just the already-released virtual console games: the Super Nintendo ports of WW, HF, and SSF2, as well as the Sega Genesis port of CE. (For some reason the ESRB site lists some of the entries twice… accidental duplicates in their database, I guess.)

Nothing new. :smile: