Rumor-Tekken vs Street Fighter

I really dont see this happening myself. These two fighters are nothing alike it will either play like tekken or SF, or a weird mash up of the two. I mean how can any tekken fighter stand up to an SF character with their fire balls, PC, teleports, etc…but i guess if a tekken fighter gets one juggle its over :stuck_out_tongue: idk. I really dontthink this rumor is true i dont see how it could work but im just the messager so dont kill me.

but since this just a rumor at this point might as well have some fun withthe idea. Lets try to figure out if true how this fighter could work.

Then it turns out to be a strategy RPG… just like Namco x Capcom.

Yeah, it’s probably just NxC2.

I posted a thread awhile back about Katsuhiro Harada ~ Interested in Namco Vs game? so there might be some legs to it.

More likely: Tekken vs Street Fighter…card battle.

Tekken vs street fighter: extreme beach volleyball: the kart racer… for nintendo DSi

That actually sounds kinda cool, would play it.

But what do they do about Heihachi? Isn’t his VA dead?

The chances of it being Namco X Capcom 2 is pretty slim, because the studio that makes it (Monolith Soft) is practically owned by Nintendo now

what could Namco and Capcom churn out otherwise? guess we’ll have to wait til E3 to see

Card Battle.

If this ends up being true, I could see it being pretty good.

And I seriously doubt it’ll be a Card battle game.

needs more Jann Lee

Now Tekken vs Virtua Fighter… thatt would get peoples attention! (Of course Tekken would win)

But yes this is obviously just BS

Hopefully a playground marbles simulator

I agree with you completely. It wouldn’t work like that.

Assuming Namco makes it, it would be better if they treated the Street Fighter characters as they would new Tekken characters. Although it would be quite controversial, all the Street Fighter characters would play nothing like they do in their own games. Their move sets would be built from the ground up; although there would be familar attacks, the SF characters would become Tekken characters. No fireballs, teleports or anything like that. Except maybe Bison and Akuma who would be the end bosses of the Street Fighter side.

It would be quite an interesting change IMO. One would that generate a lot of criticism perhaps from gamers who don’t want Ryu to lose his fireball. But if it were done like this, I would welcome it.

Perhaps Capcom could do their own version - have Tekken characters appear in Super Street Fighter IV playing as if they were created for a SF game. Paul and Kazuya throwing fireballs? That too would be controversial but I’d find that to be quite interesting too.

They should just add parry, and viola, everything fits perfectly!

Should really be Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter Tag Tournament

I’ll be happy as long as it gets a PC release so I can use a mouse. No way I’m going to do any oil mining with some type of controller pad.

These Versus games also fuck up company profits and such when it comes to the development of the games. Capcom getting money for CVS2 even though they used SNK’s characters.

SNK had the same oppurtunity with SVC Chaos. But Capcom’s game was the better one.

Yeah but that had a lot to do with SNKs bankruptcy and Capcom putting pressure on them to get the game done to settle the contract.

Too the topic at hand, this sounds like a strange idea. Virtua Fighter vs Tekken would be hard enough to pull off let alone, SF vs Tekken. The only way I could see it working is if they brought in characters from both franchises and they simply didn’t play anything like they are supposed to. Like SF characters would play like Tekken characters or Tekken characters would play like SF characters.

Then it’s like whats the point in all this? I guess it would serve the purpose of getting Tekken fans into SF and vice versa.