Rumor: warcraft fighting game? ?

2 hits isn’t a heroic combo at all… it makes no sense…

Interesting… Can’t help but think that’s either machinima or possibly just a photoshop though.

You can play as an elephant


Now I’m sad because it reminds me of Chaos Breaker not being emulated :sad:

It’s probably Mugen, WoW characters got made for it, including an Orc Warrior. Never seen that Magnataur though…

believe it.

wasnt there a game conference recently…?

Only things Blizzard have been working on other than SC2 and D3 is an unannounced MMO that will be a new IP. Doubtful this is official…

+7 gold

hope springs eternal.

Ok, took a break from taking a shit to find this real quick:
It’s possible this screenshot came from Mugen, people can rip WoW models, and chars already got made. Now I gotta go back and finish taking my shit.

It’s just obviously not Mugen. Maybe Blizzard’s April fools day joke got leaked?

Either Photoshop or someone getting creative with Lua (since you can use that to mod WoWs interface).

While 100% sure the models are from WoW I’m also 100% sure it’s not actually in game due to the angles. Also, with that in mind it seems the angle the Magnataur is standing at is mainly what makes me think it’s a machinima or just a photoshop.

this post needs more question marks

i agree

Blizzard vs Capcom


Yeah I’d put in my vote for that. Sadly this isn’t as good as 2D MC or the Bard class :rofl:

Illidan vs Arthas round one fight!

Obvious pshop, but a fun idea.