Rumored last USF4 character?

Sooo our beloved Gouken apparently has a daughter and she is rumored to be the 5th character of USF4…

I think we started the rumor in this forum…well raun did when he drew a pic and named it goukens daughter…that was a.seed planted in like 2010

After I heard, I did some research for pics and theres a fan drawing out there that must be his or someone elses but there’s also comic book art thats really really old. Theres also a back story of Juni and Sakura training along side her back in the day. The actual character is truthful, I just want this rumor to be truthful lol.

Do you imagine if she inherit Gouken Kongo and instead of blowing them away, she do the same stuff and them pick them up and slap them!!! That would be soooooo funny!!! Hahahahahha

That’s how kongo should operate, a reversal command grab of sorts!

Like Askua in xtekken? I like hers but I like the earth shattering smack better.

Well, I like the idea because it should eliminate kongo activating but not hitting on those “moves that shall not be named”…and it should change the whole problem with armor breaking moves since your just grabbing someone out of their attack…I kind of envision it looking something like Abel’s air grab…be great if it would give you safe jump options afterwards too…
But, you are losing the ability to FADC the kongo into something else. Doesn’t really matter, it’s all mental masturbation anyway.

Think ermac

Counter-attack slap. Sends the opponent in a spinning soft knockdown. “Hands off!” she exclaims.

Im going for gotetsu. A shoto still hasn’t been added to the new characters. I’m gonna spam capcom for him to get it.

Good Gouken. Like Good Hank. That’s the new character.

Ojou-san would be a lot better than the rumored Asuka.

As long as they give her an actual name. Ojousan is not a name -.-

And we have a rumoured Asuka?

Maybe she’s the dark-skinned girl from SF2V.
I personally hope it’s Zeku or Edi E.

I know. That’s what they called her in that old manga. And I know what it means.

More my frustration at the silliness of them treating it like a name. While I imagine the Big G having ofcourse the great soft spot for his daughter, calling her that and bigging her up all the time is less what I imagine than him having a delicious ice cone ready after the grueling intense body destroying training was done.

I just hope it’s her. Although I’m pretty sure even Capcom themselves have forgotten about her. :frowning: I’ll just pray it’s not some stupid character like Asuka, Haggar (because we already have a bazillion of grapplers, especially after the addition of Hugo, which itself is stupid IMO) or some other character belonging to another Capcom franchise.

Gouken and his daughter would both renounce each other if they witnessed each other in the ring, soooooo I think it would be better not expose them…

Kidding aside, it would be a tough task to involve the grand master’s daughter in the game, but if the result is good, then sure…

But I’m still fond of the female concept character before Abel. She looked cool and like a suitable rival to Makoto. A variation of Makoto’s play style, along with a cute but fierce chick appearance, certainly has potential :slight_smile:

I was parading the Capcom forums and hoping she’d make it to the game - I went as far as to speculate and decide that she’d suit to be an orphan, from New York.

Peace out.

Well if they did make Gouken’s daughter playable, I’ve always been partial to the name Gouka(Resilient Flower/Flower of Strength). It keeps her in line with the Goutetsu, Gouken, and Gouki.

Karin makes her triumphant return!!! jk