Rumour: Tarantino's "Django Unchained" Script

Supposedly there is a script for Quentin’s next movie “Django Unchained” floating around. The movie is a spaghetti western based in the days of slavery about an escaped slave being trained by a bountyhunter and going back to rescue his family from the plantation owners.

What do you guys think? It has potential to be great but also has potential to stir up a media shitstorm.

lololol hell yeah…i am all for this. what movies is he gotta blatantly scene steal?

and why havent they released the kill bill boxset in america yet lol.

That fool was suppose to do a remake of Five Deadly Venoms WTF ever happen to that…

What what? That would be so fucking dope. Did the project fall through or was it just a rumor?

Tarantino gets too much shit for stealing scenes, when practically every movie borrows from another (and directors usually admit it in commentary tracks)

That’s my only problem with Tarantino…If you ever watch hk film Ringo Lam’s City on Fire & his version of Reservoir of Dogs, he would make Puff Daddy jealous…He never gave credit to this…

As for Five Deadly Venoms, didn’t pan out i guess…Was suppose to be his next film but Inglorious Bastard came out so i dont know, probably will never happen…Someone in HK should just do it…

(one example off the top of my head) Did Paul Thomas Anderson explicitly credit Scorcese for all the similarities between Boogie Nights and Raging Bull? I’m not saying it’s right (and in many examples it’s not wrong either) but it’s not just Tarantino.

I don’t remember him every saying he was gonna do 5 Deadly Venoms. He said he would like to and then went on a rant about it like he usually does but never flat out said he was going to do it. Not that it means much he has a habit of going on about things he’d really like to do and then never does does he gets some other idea he wants to to do.

Really Tarantino’s not working on something until you see proof of it like filming or something. Till then take any future project mentions with a grain of salt cuz he could change his mind at the drop of a hate.

He did say he had never seen ring on Fire when he wrote and directed Reservoir Dogs. You can take his word for it or not doesn’t really matter. they do share some similar scenes but i thought they where still pretty different and had different tones and focuses.

Jamie Foxx has been Cast as the lead.

Samuel L Jackson is the Slave Master’s Top Slave.

Christopher Waltz is the bounty hunter.

Will Smith turned down the lead role…really?

it could be interesting.