Rumours, speculations and theories

If you have any ideas, thoughts and whatnot on who might be future additions or what could be included in this title then drop them all here in this thread. Remember forum rules, play nice etc.

Edit (18th of January, 2012): I can’t be bothered to maintain this OP so I’m just going to dump the entire roster here.

Street Fighter:

  1. Ryu
  2. Ken
  3. Guile
  4. Abel
  5. Chun Li
  6. Cammy
  7. Sagat
  8. Dhalsim
  9. Poison
  10. Hugo
  11. Ibuki
  12. Rolento
  13. Zangief
  14. Rufus
  15. Balrog
  16. Vega
  17. Juri
  18. M Bison
  19. Dudley
  20. Elena
  21. Cody
  22. Guy
  23. Akuma


  1. Kazuya
  2. Nina
  3. King
  4. Marduk
  5. Bob
  6. Julia
  7. Hwoarang
  8. Steve
  9. Yoshimitsu
  10. Raven
  11. Kuma
  12. Heihachi
  13. Lili
  14. Asuka
  15. Law
  16. Paul
  17. Xiaoyu
  18. Jin Kazama
  19. Leo
  20. Christie
  21. Jack-X
  22. Bryan Fury
  23. Ogre


  1. Cole MacGrath
  2. Toro
  3. Kuro
  4. Pacman
  5. Megaman

Personally I think there will be 42 characters, 4 characters a month with the game coming out Feb would fit. If TGS has 6 than the roster is probably more…

SF side has 11 confirmed so that’s 10 left.

Ibuki + Sakura - Rivals/Friends in SSFIV, bad luck to Karin/Elena/Makoto but if the roster is bigger than 42 than maybe they have a chance and they do Ibuki + Elena/Makoto and Sakura + Karin.
Cody + Guy - Cya @ TGS.
Rolento + Sodom - Sodom’s Alpha stage is in and he is referred to in the Comic Con trailer, Seth @ Comic Con said Rolento couldn’t hang in UMVC3 but may be able to hang in SFxT. Rolento was very close to making SSFIV but lost out to Adon in the end. Rolento and Sodom both run Mad Gear and are “blood brothers”:.
Zangief + E.Honda - Would be silly to leave Gief out when Kuma is in… Pro Wrestling + Sumo Wrestling and after Alpha/Zero 3 they are “comrades”, see Gief’s ending.
Dictator + Boxer - Dictator is obviously making this game and needs some muscle, Boxer fits that bill and lets them do him Vs Steve if they want.
Akuma - No official team, obvious inclusion. If the game is 40 characters than he gets paired with Dictator as a “boss” pairing even though he killed him in canon.


Kuma + Heihaichi - Kuma is his bodyguard and pet, he cares for Kuma more than his sons.
Asuka + Lili - Cya @ TGS.
Paul + Law - As obvious as Ryu and Ken.
Lars + Alissa - Combining the two new Blood Rebellion characters and protagonists of the scenario campaign.
Jin + Jun - Jin is a no brainer, Ling would be a very difficult character to transition into this game. Jun from TTT2 has a more different moveset from Asuka and it’s not like this game will transition their entire movesets anyway or doesn’t have multiple characters with similar moves already.
Devil Jin - No official team. Has a different moveset from Jin.

I would be happy with a roster like that even though it’s missing a lot of characters I like and would prefer over some. Leaves some big names for the eventual update as well.

Hints at 4 currently unconfirmed characters:
Asuka screencap:
Lili screencap:

Guy/Cody screencap:

More hint of who might be Ibuki’s partner

I see a face just above her elbow

If you still don’t see it i colored that Area

I’m beginning to think that this game will not have any charge characters. :mad:

I thought Guile was still a charge character.

I was hoping for Ogre, but Yoshimitsu will have to suffice it seems.

There’s a big chance Jun might be in game. Maybe paired with Jin. Ono said in the Gamescom 2010 interview that he wanted her in the game.

He also said there’s a big chance Paul might be in. I’ll grab a source soon.

After deconfirming Anna and Dan.

About the 10 characters left on the site:

“Hehehe, more more left!! ;D RT @KTrigger43: 10 more characters left!? I hope Lee Chalon was invited!!!”

I know, it’s Ono the troll, but there are probably more than 10 characters left. A big name like SFxT better have a big roster. I think there will be at least 36 characters.

Here is another hint “video” about Lili/Asuka.
You can clearly see that Chun is fighting against Asuka and Cammy against Lili:

No Ono’s definitely not trolling this time, besides basing character slots left on website layouts that have changed before and will change again is rather silly.

I don’t know if anyone ever caught this, but does anyone have an idea who’s here in this part of the Gamescon trailer?

If it didn’t get close to the time I’m referring to, it’s right after the CG Hugo running. I don’t think it is Zangief, but I don’t recall seeing that in any of the CG episodes.

Looks like Hugo’s arm hitting Marduk to me. From the same CG trailer.

Im havign a hard time seeing Elena in any of those picks

It looks like cody’s arm to me…

No it’s Hugo’s arm. Compare these two images

I’d rather have Ganryu than Honda lol - Ganny’s traditional sumo (ie, without flying and doing stupid shit) would be even more interesting than… another SFIV character. And let’s not mention Zangief - there’s more than enough grapplers already.

Also, it’s ALISA. Not Alissa.


And I hope that Roger will be Kuma’s partner. Heihachi is cool and all, but a boxing kangaroo would add even more freshness (and salt from the haters) to the game. Plus, I main him in Tekken as well.


Backing to my main, Alisa, she does have good chances of being in it - she can pair with a lot of people, including: Lars (blablabla Scenario Campaign); Jack (russian robots and stuff, they even share both a unique throw at TTT2, plus a special winning animation together); Xiaoyu (Blood Vengeance); Jin (Scenario Campaign again, spoilerish stuff) and Dr. B (lol, pretty slim chance - but one can dream).

Please Ono, lemme give head to the SF cast - plus chopping some stupid shotos with chainsaws. Even better: having a Tekken character with real projectiles (her bb1+2 Rocket Punch). Please? <3

Yep thats Hugo!

I’m hoping for at least 40 something characters and a 4 player mode. Being able to play as your individual characters with a buddy would be a huge selling point for the game. MK did it so successfully, why can’t Street Fighter?

Rumor time: Awhile back I heard there is supposed to be a graveyard stage with Lord Raptor making a cameo in the background. It was in a list of a very early “leak” list but the idea of this happening always intrigued me. I know Ono is a huge DS fan so it probably isn’t a very far fetched idea something like it could happen, especially when we already have Dino Crisis, Cyberbots, and Legends references in several stages.

lol My sister’s name is Alissa and it’s pronounced the same way as in Blood Vengeance. As long as Alisa gets Christina Vee as her VA and her super is her Super Rocket Punch, I’m happy.

I’m hoping that Alisa and Xiayou are partners because:

  1. I hate Lars and that dumbass Super Saiyan wannabe hairstyle (seriously how the hell are he and Heihachi related when they look nothing alike, and last I checked dark hair is a dominant trait)


  1. Because I’m tired of people saying they want Ling in the game.

But Alisa and Jack would make sense too, I’m just hoping they actually release a Street Fighter character that I actually like lol.