Rumstick arcade controllers handmade in Sydney Australia, advice or interest welcome



I made this prototype recently out of jointed hardwood panel.

  • Sanwa buttons and jlf stick.
  • Angled front with felt wrist rest, countersink side buttons.
  • Anti slide screw-on soft bottom panel that can be opened easily for customisation.
  • USB stop hole on the back so the cable goes inside the box when not in use.
  • Original art hand painted with Japanese Nicker Colors(used by Studio Ghibli).
  • Triple varnished to protect the wood and art.

Size: 35 x 25 x 6 (cm) 13.8 x 9.8 x 2.4 (inch)Weight: 2 (kg) 4.4 (lbs)

This will be offered both as just a case or fully configured and ready for play. Both with buyer customisation(e.g as hitbox, and/or with custom art etc).

This prototype has a zero delay usb encoder which works on PC and I read some PS games using legacy input mode(I haven’t tested this myself), I’m also looking into ps4+pc pcbs, suggestions for this would be awesome, or I could put in a brook ps4 pc board at buyer’s request.

Price :

  • Case only 179 Australian Dollars
  • PC PS3PSLegacyMode (ZeroDelay Sanwa Stick and Buttons) 259 Australian Dollars
  • PS4 PS3 PC (Brook FightingBoard Sanwa Stick and Buttons) 319 Australian Dollars

Custom Art +150 Australian Dollars(your favourite character, your own face and your puppy,basically anything :slight_smile:

  • Shipping, PM me to work it out.

Let me know what you think guys. Thanks!

P.S. follow rumstickau on insta for more upcoming updates and info, or reply/pm here :slight_smile:

Custom art on request (painted on or digital, even for other sticks and layouts), PM me for details and quotes.



The wood and varnish look phenomenal. The process of the drawing sounds good too, the art is subjective as always. Looks very nice, routing the edge could make it look more finished. Not so hot on the felt, in my case I’d ask for bare wood, it would look better and classier.



Thanks so much for your detailed reply and suggestions.

I am experimenting with routing different edges, rounder etc, straight cut like in this photos kinda look aggressive though no? haha

I agree with the felt and art being subjective, so I offer options, different art ideas, different materials for the wrist rest, or barewood like you said.

I thought hard about classy vs a more gaming look, it is true that with minimal art and bare wood it will look great in the living room with other furniture.

Felt feels nice to the touch though, and it will be easy and economical to take it off or replace it.

Again thanks for your reply, it feels good to have some feedback :slight_smile:

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also id love to hear your opinion on router bits as to which type would be suitable for the edges



They look awesome. I wonder how prolonged use without a plexi would affect the finish.



The finish if varnished proper shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever to extended use.

I think you’re doing great. Already with a fresh take with the slight bend on the CP, that looks great, haven’t seen many take that approach. The Arts on the wood is not new but you don’t see it often, I think you got an edge on that too. Very promising stuff.

My woodwork grade is very basic, I hope I’m calling the router bits correctly.

I like the 1/2" round, just ‘cause is simple and clean. If the thickness of the wood is vast, as in 3/4" to 1" the 3/4" round looks great. If using 2’x4’ or a block of wood, I like using diagonal cuts or a 45 degree straight router bit.

Different types different strokes though, there’s no wrong way to route in terms of style. I feel round goes along better with everything but that’s just me.

PS: Suggestively speaking, I’d work a way to make the egdes of the wood come together in a more elegant way. As it is, it looks like a good project, I think you should shoot for higher than that, I know you can do it.

Another suggestion, You could just make the CP larger than the frame just by a bit front and back and a bit more on the sides. No 3 points to fuzz over, round edge the top, done, elegant.



Could you post some pictures of the inside of this stick?
Will this case allow for LS32 stick install?
Might be a good to offer a plexi option to cut down customer cost and production time.
Stick looks nice, good luck



I’m not sure you are allowed to post selling wares on this forum because you’ve only been here a day.



really? its true that though i have been lurking for a while, I havent been posting till now.
when I first registered it didnt let me create a post, now the system did let me.



I dont have access to a LS32 for now, but if anyone requests it, I can trim the shape and drill holes in the right positions for them.

Same goes for the plexi, I am open to customisation for anyone interested. But the wood surface is sooo nice hehe.

I will post some pictures of the inside very soon, and thank you for the compliment :slight_smile:



keep the tips coming dude, thanks a lot for the support.

I am considering finger joints for the sides and rounding the surface edges like you suggested. but only the top left and top right corners, i want some aggressiveness to remain so it doesnt become too round too cute.

And I think I understand your last point of making the CP slightly larger, I will experiment with it.

Will post some updates soon.

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I dont mind if a mod sees this and move it somewhere more appropriate then, I am learning from these suggestions, I could change the content of my original post so it becomes more of a project thread.

Thank you for your reminder.



If you need more I suggest looking in detail at the pros. Just looking at their designs should be a tremendous tool for a well versed craftsman.



hey all, some updates.
Making a hitbox for a client right now, I made some improvements on the box, for example the felt wrist rest is now faux leather, its not on this unit yet, but you can see it on the original prototype in the background and it will be used as standard from now on. It is much thinner and nicer than felt, more durable too.
Then its painting the art on top of the wood then 2 more layers of varnish and this will be completed :slight_smile:
Here are some pics, like always suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:



All done with the faux leather wrist rest, its indeed much better than the original felt option.
Works well in SFV but im not used tothe hitbox format, Im way more used to a jlf stick :slight_smile:

Now I will just paint the art on top as requested by the client.