run away ryu

sorry, i didn’t want to read through the strategy/matchups thread.
my query is simple:
since ryu has awesome ground pokes, DP, good air-to-air, and denjin, wouldn’t he be a more effective run-away character than Yun? and charge.
I’m a yun player who has no time to practice anymore, and my K-palm skills are weekening, so I need to go back to basics, ortherwise I get randomize at the arcade.
Should I pick up Ryu and play like Yun? or has this been tried, tested, and proven ineffective?

…Only reason i consider running with ryu, is after watching that japanese guy do it in st, and burn supers, and win.

yes, you can play run away ryu. you can play any style with ryu. ryu is the most versatile sf3 character. however, in 3s, the saIII meter is a bit too long to charge the way yun does. by being somewhat aggressive, even if just throwing out defensive pokes that make contact, ryu can make up for it and build bar faster.

ya, the meter is an issue, cause I like to do ex-tatsumaki after I dash a lot, that’s my fav trick. i should start dping instead, and build that ill meter.

You mean dash, srk? I dont recommend doing that.

Yeah, me either. Don’t just want to throw out random shit. C.Fwd xx EX.Hadouken is good. I know you want your meter for Denjin, but if your not sure if your going to hit, and you want to go for the kill or just do alittle damage, EX.Hadou is the way to go.

I know that ex fireball is safe on block, but is the ex-side kick or ex hurricane safe?

EX Joudan is not save on block but EX Tastu is (depends on character)

I only dash dp after a throw or block chain. I wouldn’t dash dp vs. someone with meter, gotta do it early in the match.