Run controls to PC and 360


I’m working on a MAME cabinet and I’d like to throw a 360 in there for SF4. If I use a 360 board for the controls, is it possible to run it to the PC and 360 at the same time so I wouldn’t have to unplug/plug-in anything? I was thinking if the PC is off, just wire a button to the Guide button to start the 360 and play from there. If I want to play MAME, turn off the 360 and the PC should pick up the 360 controller and use it properly.

Could I just use a USB splitter or am I way off base here?


No, it wouldn’t work. And a “USB Splitter” does not work that way.
Actually there are no USB splitters, there are USB hubs, and a USB hub would only allow multiple USB devices (such as a stick) to plug into a single port on your PC.

You can’t just split USB cables like you would with Audio & Video.

You can have a switch, but the switch would electrically cut off the USB cable from one system or the other.
You need a 4 pole double throw switch for each cable.

And you have to wire it so your controls are only electrically connected to only 1 system at a time, otherwise you risk blowing your controller PCB as well as your PC and Xbox.


Have not tried it,
But can you have a wireless and wired connection to each system? Such as wiring the 360 to the pc and using wireless for the 360? Would this still cause a blowout risk?


I was re-thinking it and what if I ran two wires from each switch, one to an IPAC for the PC and one to a 360 board? Would that work, basically have the buttons double wired?


You world still fry the boards if you turned both on at the same time. If you want to dual mod (having two boards connected to the same controls), you will have to connect the power lines (vcc) also (controls will do weird things otherwise). Basically, off you want to set it up so that you aren’t having to swap connections, you’ll still need a switch like Darksakul said.


It can, unless you know how to electrically isolate both PCBs from each other. Still its assuming you only turn one system on at a time.
Still, it is a quick way to ruin your controller PCBs, your 360 and your PC.



Can you not just pick SF4 up on PC?