Run for your lives! MvC may be online after all

I loved MvC, I hope they can get this done.

As if Marvel needed anymore drama…

Waaaaoooow!!! </flavorflave>

this is great news (sorta). i would love to see the other “Vs.” games in xbla.

ill play it if they change shit up

:rofl: :rofl:

You know, if this turns out to be true, I will cry tears of joy.

ugh mvc has like the worst character selection out of all the crossover games. wheres xmvsf at?


how so? all your characters from xmen vs sf are in it.

as helpers.

for the most part they can be played casually which is what being brought online will probably do to the game. for the most part i can already hear people complaining… “man another sentinel? hes cheap and he sucks why dont you pick someone good like ryu…”

xero i think the post announcement flew over your head. they said mvc, not mvc2

Oh shit,its “Striders Revenge” on the 360! :lovin:

yes make a HD ver of MvC1!:rock:

actually yeah i just noticed that now :lol: sorry im tired ate too much today and am tryin to force myself to stay up.

Seriously. I always hated MvC because no one I played was in it so I had to settle. :bluu:

so i guess theres something lower then kaillera players.

What do you mean that you don’t wanna play with Shadow Lady and Orange Hulk???


nah, when I was young, my mother always warned me not to fall for girls with missiles coming from their ass.

It’s not like he was speaking specifically about any one game. Most people don’t even know the difference between the two. Do you really think, given the opportunity to put a Marvel game up on XBL, Capcom would do MvC1?

More venues for Dat Team Cheating to hone their craft. Sweet.