"Run It Back" ( Song In honor Street Figher V release)

Add it to ya lab music if you like. Thx for listening and don’t stop playing, Run it right back!

Rap Cover of The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)


aight, well thanks anyway


This is the equivalent of handing your mix tape cd on the streets. Fuck you

Dope trax fam i fux widdit

STREET Fig hers?

greased up meth guy

or 3 fig her waifuuls

It’s more like handing this out-

Dude took the effort to make an account here just to shill the one song he made.

And then didn’t even tell anybody where to find it.

I got you covered though I just posted it on my facebook account. Just go there to listen to it you guys.

Song is pretty damn legit lol. :tup: