Run Stop Rape - Run Stop Pressure Video - How to and FAQ

Hey guys Just uploaded it, I Have to go to work now. Ill write a couple of ways to counter people if they backdash, jump, mashers. I have alot to talk about on this. But for the limited time I got right now I just have to say. This is probably one of the best pressure games next to his mixup that he has, and You are guaranteed some type of damage if you know how to read your opponent.

Maybe you can incorporate it into your game if you feel comfortable with it =) can be effective if you use it right.

Alright guys like I promised I’ll go into detail about how to be effective on doing this. Just a reminder though, I just added this into my game only recently. So if you have any suggestions to put up , just post away.

Learning To Run Stop

Muscle Memory is key, but if you can RSF, you can do this no problem.

The Buttons

S.jab > very fast and keeps jumpers on the ground
Cl./F. Strong > fast loops to keep them from jumping and allowing damage (FAR STRONG HAS MORE RANGE THAN CROUCHING MEDIUM KICK!)
Cl. Fierce > RSF RAPE + Good meter building
f+mk > Reset + keeps you going forward and overhead > fast loops to build meter, plus after whiff and they jump, you can ultra ( in corner ) > option select + combos easy and can link to

Basically those are the main buttons, and there might be somethings you seen in my video:

You see me doing alot of Shower kicks, thats for two reasons:1. it pushes you forward. 2. Its an overhead. (people react to overheads differently so get ready to observe and punish)

You see me do alot of thats because for two reasons: 1. its really an option select throw. 2. I can link two shorts then link to and continue my pressure.

Also, If I see I hit them with a or standing jab right after the shower kick, chances are that they are jumping, so I could go into RSF and get at least two hits. then rinse and repeat the pressure

Jabbing after shower kick against charge characters is awesome. Since they are looking for a reversal most of the time. if messes up there rhythm and they might mistime there inputs. leaving you at an advantage while keeping the stun.

Rock Paper Scissors after shower kick

Okay your gonna have the occasional masher, jumper, backdasher.

For mashers > start your mixup, and see what part of your mixup they start mashing at. then at that same moment, just stop. and if there is no reaction, you can always ex run and splash to be safe.

For Jumpers > you want to use your standing jab up close, and when your pushed far away use far standing strong to keep them down. they will eat at least 100 damage per mixup GUARANTEED.

For Grabbers > option select throw in crouch = your best friend if you dont feel safe.

For Backdashers > simply just see where they backdash, then just run back splash after like


Ultra Setups

Dont have much right now, but if someone jumps in the corner during your mixup, you can U2.

Somethings you SHOULD do while RSP

When your RSP (Run Stop Pressuring) the idea is to not always combo, but to always push up just a little bit to keep on that ass. you wanna delay them just enough so that you can get right in the right ranges for your normals.

Remember, standing strong is better than ( it has more range ) I cant stress this enough when you play jumpers, this will put them to a halt.

Don’t be scared of getting DP’d, or dont hesitate unless they can do ultra and win the match.
You need some sort of pressure other than running around to shift momentum in your favor. remember guys just enjoy and practice.

Let the logical be natural. observe and react.

Any questions post up =) ill be glad to help


Awww yea ive been waiting for this video, thanks
Question about the guile part though. Did you see the flash kick coming or did you hold back when doing the loop

All right, I now have something to practice. I’m not used to applying pressure so this should be fun.

to the guile question…usually icount hhow long they charge for and den jus wait it outt or back up…ill do a longer explanattion for everyone once I get home

Edited some certain things guys, the buttons and there uses. ETC. basically everything in bold and underline…ENJOY!!

Man Made God really caught me by surprise, I didn’t know you listened to metal. :razz: That’s awesome.

And I’m glad to see that you got around to making this video, I’ve just been so busy dealing with shit in my personal life that I never got around to it. I may contribute my own ideas later.

A simple SRK or Koryuken will end up this masquerade. It’s not actual combos, so you are open for a special move counter. RSF is acually useless… The real strength of EL FUerte is to be able to do mindgame during recoveries… I can do miracle with the power of the medium punch,.

First of all, its not meant to be combos. Its pressure strings. A simple SRK or Koryuken will beat out a balrog c.lp blockstring as well, but they still use those jab strings to apply pressure dont they? The point is to put them under pressure, and force out a mistake (like a bad dragon punch) and punish them.

Second, RSF is a combo. It is the highest damage meterless combo in the game. It is not useless.

In the TKD interview, TKD said that you shouldn’t RSF for a long period of time, and I agree with him. In a sense, back dashing will build up more pressure because you just freaked them out and will start to act desperate; therefore, they’ll likely mash DP and whiff it, then it’s back to the raping until you get a rage quit.

So how do you do the throw option select?

@El Toro

option select = crouching lk + lp


if some1s mashing a special, run back and splash. like I said, rock paper scissors.

today I played against Dieminions guile, and I ended up doing the same exact bait I did in my vid.

Been waiting for this post/vid. No more online matches for me. Going to be in training until I have this down!

Thanks sPaB RoG :china:

actually, most of the decent el fuertes that play fuerte like from the release of sf4 can and will do this stuff already :wink:
good video anyways!

SRK/SPD spammers WILL interrupt this pressure. Its nothing to do with your timing. Fuerte’s run stops in 3 frames, add onto that the startup of your next move, theres a decent window to interrupt it with just about anything really.

Best thing to do against a player you dont know would be to start the pressure, and stop, run back, and observe how he is reacting to it. If he is spamming, you will be able to punish his SRK/SPD at this point, and you will know to do the same the next time. If he is sitting there blocking, you know that your pressure will be fairly safe in the future.

The great thing about the first of those two scenarios is that if you punish him enough, he will stop trying to SRK you out of it, so you can go to town with the pressure. This is the whole point of it. Its not to look cool (despite the fact that it DOES look cool), it is to create your damage opportunities by controlling how your opponent is playing.

Its advanced footsies, mexican style.

I wouldnt try to do this on SPD characters, just because of the damage, just play your normal game, and maybe mix it up one at a time and run back like ILL_BILL said. never hesitate when your ready to do pressure.

Aw shit, now I feel like a scrub D: I can barely get 2 cr. mk hits in ;-;

The most i can get is 4. Apparently 5 is possible but ive never seen or heard of more than that. And while actually comboing the mk loop IS useful, as long as you can cancel mk into run and stop, its still an awesome pressure tool. And TBH 90% of its use will be for pressure rather than its comboablility.

To be honest two is really all you need, no one ever expects 2 and afterwards you’re free to mix up, but of course 3 is preferred

you wanna switch it up mostly, usually you get pushed away a little bit after the 3rd, so you gotta delay your inputs after so that you can pushup just enough. But also it depends on the character

you forgot run stop throw