Run Stop Rape - Run Stop Pressure Video - How to and FAQ



Crazy stuff, it makes me feel bad about my Fuerte now. I need to start practicing, fuerte is so active it’s hard to get used to.


This is a good video showing some crazy run stop pressure mix-ups especially with shower kick cross over every once in a while:


Thank you so much for uploading this incredible game play. This will surly help out my offense. The Cr. MK is indeed effective…very good way of pressuring from afar.


Great vid Spab rog, that pressure game was pretty insane, good stuff!
Need to use more shower kicks for sure!


yur fuerte is still ass…lol
its manny btw…i saw yu on the stream…Henry Cen bodies Fuerte free -__-


I just played bad yesterday, it got alot better since then. just wasnt focus’d for some reason, ehh just gotta play more now. ill be fine lol


We should really revive this thread, i think its one of the lesser looked at aspects of fuerte


I’ll update it more, I got more setups with it now too.


Yea i just recently started practicing it alot and already theres people running scared even though i only use the easy mode mix ups ):


This, this, THIS. The rage quitting/angry E-mails is half of why I play Fuerte in the first place, I’m not ashamed to say I have a totally hetero man crush on the character. I never thought anyone could replace Dictator for me but when I first started getting “F YOU” in response to “good game” I knew I was on to something great!!


hope you make more vids…this is really good stuff to use


How would you recommend to execute the cr. mk loop, finger-position and execution wise?

Doing it like RSF but instead of Fierce, punching in cr. mk:


But this set-up just makes me go bamboozle on it.

I’m practicing it like:


And I find it although not easier, but that through practice I can make it work.

So what do you recommend?


after i do xx run, I hold my stick down so I just have to press jab than medium kick. so I dont get accident guac.
if you look at my video in the AE thread vs yang. you can see my fingers on how the pressure is.


I do mine a little differently I’m able to do it the regular rsf way and an augmented way using medium punch for run. I’ve always just learned to put the mk during the diagonal area of my run motion so I do either :d::df::r::lp:~:lp:~ :d::df:+:mk::r::lp:

or I do :d::df::r::mp:~:lp:~ :d::df:+:mk::r::mp:

I find mediium punch is easier on the fingers double tapping light punch is annoying and with how fast the mk loop is I always felt more prone to error if I did it with light punches atleast when I started. Now I can do it both ways and just switch on the fly depending on the situation and what move comes next


O’right, I’ll check it out, thanks.

I’ll try that, thanks for the tips :wink:


Alright. Back on RSf training. 3 years and I still don’t have it down consistently.

Alright. I technically “do” have the RSF down, but I keep missing the timing for the third run cancel into the third HP.Half the time, my run cancel doesn’t come out. I believe this has something to do with the spacing that happens after the second HP, and thus the timing on the cancel window is changed somewhat.

Nevermind. I figured it out. I just have to get my thumb/hand (pad/ stick) use to continuing to motion the run in a rhythm. Doing this movement consistently is harder than button pressing.


It’s been years and I still can’t perform RSF. Do I need it in my arsenal to play this character competitively? I do pretty well sometimes but I have hit sort of a ceiling.