Runaway characters

I’m trying to pick up vega, but I’m having a little trouble with the concept of a “runaway” character. When the match starts, my primary goal isn’t to actually stall until the timer runs out because that’s a little impractical, right? Am I then supposed to just jump around hoping to punish whiffed moves and maybe poke a little when I’m at a safe range? What exactly does it mean when a character is classified as a runaway character? Does that mean there’s more of an emphasis on maneuvering around the stage instead of attacking?

Well your first mistake is Vega isnt really runaway, he is a poking character.

Runaway is all about getting hits when the oppurtunity presents itself then getting out before their is a chance for you to take damage. At least in a nut shell.

Very few characters are actually designed for runaway. If they end up like that, it’s usually just a design flaw of some kind.

The only one I can think of off the top of my head is A-Bison in Alpha 3, and maybe Pyron from CFE. Runaway isn’t so much you trying to stall, it’s doing little hit and run manuevers whenever an opportunity presents itself.

yun in 3s. storm in mvc2.

Isn’t CvS2 Mai a run-away char?

Or is it just that she has a strong run-away, but can actually be used as a rush/poke char?

I would apply the same logic to Yun in 3S actually. He’s not a run-away char, he just happens to be really good at running away too, which benefits him due to meter gain.

Yun and Storm are the best characters in their games for a reason. The best characters have to have a perfect balance and have the options to do whatever the hell he/she wants.

I hate playing a runaway Oro! Pisses me off to the max! I would also agree that Yun is a runaway character to a certain extent. Lol Twelve is a runaway character for sure.

Runaway characters usually alternate between running away and zoning from a distance. You run away to either get a better position or to build meter, and zone to try to land some damage. Depending on the game, usually Vega does that, but he spends a lot more time zoning than running. Only runaway if you want to stall(run the clock, annoy opponent), build meter, or get out of a bad position. If you don’t need to do one of those, you don’t want to runaway.

I kinda wish you didn’t build meter from whiffs in 3S and CvS2. Then there’d be no point turtling unless your char was a runaway. Chars would spend most of the time earning meter by rushing.

Can’t say the same for MvC2 though. No meter off whiffs would prolly totally ruin MvC2.

I might as well take this opportunity to compliment you on your avatar. Very ammusing. :slight_smile:

SS 4 and 5sp amakusa is the runaway king aswell as ss5 yunfei

Yun Fei from SS Zero, period.

Mai and Rolento in CvS2 have good runaway capabilities.

suija of SS tenka can do some pretty annoying runaway if you want to as well.

yeah ss5 yunfei is a runaway demon doesn’t work on everybody though, i forgot about suija, mina is a decent runaway character

Do yall think characters that have fire balls in air are runaway characters??? cause in CVS2 i know a friend that uses geese and akuma/shinakuma and all he does is sit and shoot fire balls in air (especially with akuma).

On that note, is there a difference between runaway characters and keepaway characters that spam projectiles from across the screen?


one is passive turtling the other is aggressive turtling.

keep away not is turtling …it is a different way to attack .
turtling i think is “not lose” …ej:(kuroda’s Q)

keepaway is probably more apt term for these types of characters.

although, early East Coast V-Vega in A3 was pure runaway. :looney: