Runaway Storm

The goal in running away is to use time as a means to win. Storm can do this better than other characters (not including Dhalsim) because she has an air dash, lightning attacks, flight mode (if necessary), a powerful fierce, the ability to float, and once she lands can drop an AAA and do typhoon xx Hail Storm.

The effectiveness of this strategy when used correctly is devastating, opponents become frustrated in the process and make numerous mistakes (all of which “good” players exploit gaining a larger lead). But, this tactic is a double edged sword, no character can stay in the air forever (once again excluding Dhalsim) and as soon as your feet touch the ground your opponent is going to try everything in his power to keep you there and damage you. Everyone has seen it happen before, a Storm running with 10 seconds left on the timer against a dying Cable. Storm lands, Cable dashes underneath lands a crouching short, drops Tron Projectile, game over.

Do not become careless and cover yourself when you are falling. Remember to not put yourself in normal jump mode i.e. typhoon xx Hail Storm xx Lightning Attack, all that happens here is the death of Storm. To prevent being hit on the way down, utilize what Storm has, her projectile-like fierce works well as an overhead and can be followed up with a damaging combo. Remember to float, floating is great for baiting attacks and assists, if this happens, land and hit roundhouse and your most damaging assist and Hail Storm. Build as much meter as you can while running away but be sure to do it safely Cable’s can super jump and land an AHVB and DHC into Hail and Sentinel’s can super jump and land a fierce which may not be much but it does affect your momentum.

A nifty, but quite risky trick to try is activate flight mode and call your most damaging assist while dashing forward in the air. This usually works best with Commando’s AAA because of the vertical and horizontal range plus the heavy damage. Vertical typhoons also work relatively well when at the very top of the screen and if your opponent is hit by one lightning attack forward xx Lightning Storm. But once again, this is susceptible at certain points to the aforementioned tactics with Cable and Sentinel so be cautious. Storm runaway is best in moderation, don’t abuse super jumped fierces or typhoons, if it is safe, do it, if you could get hit, consider it.

Storm runaway is all about landing hits when the opponent becomes frustrated all the while building meter and dodging their attempts to kill you. Storm runaway is like building pressure behind a dam. While running away, the pressure upon your opponent builds until the dam breaks and his entire game falls apart. This is the purpose of running away. Break your opponents spirit by disabling their ability to hit you.

Don’t forget to talk trash too, then they get down right furious. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m kidding, just do that to people you know well.

And good post, Deus.

I have a Question

With Storm…
1- Whats her most commnly used Triangle jump?
2- How do you follow up the connected triangle jump into a combo?
3- When you /\ do you SJ or regular jump?
4- Is her,, SJumped cancelled then airdash DF lk, Standing Fk worth the effort?

I have a Question

The most commonly used is tri jumped short, and for the most part, it is the most effective and most useful. I use tri jumped roundhouses because I am a pimp like that. Every now and again you will come across someone who uses a tri jump jab. It is very effective because it outprioritizes a lot of things and is very very easy to combo off of, the electricity provides extra stun apparantly.

You can either dash in after you have landed the triangle jump and immediately launch them or just land a triangle jump then a regular attack on the ground comboed into a launcher.

I superjump because I am used to it but in some cases it is better to normal jump. Normal jump is faster and does not have a “splash.” When you super jump, surrounding the character is a large splash animation which clues some people in to block high. Repeated normal jump triangle jumps are super fast and nearly unblockable. Another trick you can use with normal jumps is delayed dashing. This can be used to bait out a flinch and then immediately dash in and land a hit. If you mess up on a normal jump, there is a chance your guard can be broken, although very improbably, it is still possible. When using superjump, this pretty much never happens.

You should rarely use d. mk because it is rollable. If you do it on accident, just follow up with a ST ROUNDHOUSE -> LIGHTNING ATTACK -> LIGHTNING STORM. Don’t bother with any super jump cancelling, it isn’t worth it in this case.

dude thanks!
got one more, what are her guard brakes like? and her infinite?

The only worthwhile infinite to use is either SUPER JUMP -> DASH DOWNFORWARD ROUNDHOUSE or SUPER JUMP -> DASH DOWNFORWARD SHORT -> ROUNDHOUSE. I haven’t done much experimenting with her guard breaks, you are best off breaking out the dreamcast and trying some out for yourself.

I ave one guardbreak…sj lk opponen blcks dash df lk land laucnh…sj lk provide hitstun long enuff 4 u to land and launch…also on sent i saw mixup use this one…i started doin it to0…sj. jab dash forward lp lk lk LA (brakes their guard) LA again xx LS

I wouldn’t recommend using Runaway when fighting against a team with a AAA Blackheart.

BH Anti air - patriot missile
Storm -scud

Oh yeah, Deus, have you tried this “combo” where you knock the opponent on the ground with a hail storm, then with terribly critical timing, you do a lightning storm when he’s still on the ground and it combos? I’ve seen it done in Jadon Brown’s combo video, and saw it in real life when practicing at my friend’s house.

? What’s the positioning on that? A hail storm with the opponent on the ground is rollable, TMK. But Storm does get instant recovery after the hail storm… is the combo something like : Storm backed to corner, opponent at halfscreen, hail storm, dash down-forward, (?!? - c.LK, lightning strike), lightning storm?

It is better to land a triangle jumped short -> standing roundhouse -> air combo. Doing a lightning attack after a hail storm is bad because you are in normal jump mode and you are unable to land a lightning storm after it. I have been hit by HSF even after CONNECTING the lightning attack so it isn’t a good thing to do.

This guy sounds like he really knows what he’s talking about. My Storm sucks. Right now I’m practicing,, then sj, lk tri jump, launch, it’s tough to do even though it’s similar to doing Magneto’s all fk tri jump combo, which I can get down to a science.

Tri-jump lk, hold up fp, fk is another infinite that does good damage for those who don’t want to do the kooky fk one and to those who hate the damage on lk,fk.

Is sentinel or mag/AAA the only thing that can stop a good runaway storm?:confused:

You probably won’t stop a GOOD runaway Storm. But, a few things you can do:


Don’t allow the Storm to get the lead…ever. This is easier said than done. Don’t worry about chip damage, Storm will rarely kill you with it. Always be wary of how much meter she has, what DHC she has and what assists she is backed with. If you are fighting a Storm/Sent/Commando and you land a combo on Storm, SNAP THAT SHIT BACK. Once Commando comes in do everything you can to kill him or stop him from DHCing out or randomly tagging in. Pressure him as much as you can while always watching out for the Corridor or random tag. As long as Storm is not on the screen, runaway isn’t really a viable strategy for your opponent, remember this because many people forget that they are no longer fighting runaway and get hit by some boshit and die. Also, remember that Storm must have a legitamite lead to runaway properly. Unless she has a full character lead, a comeback is very possible. As long as you can keep Storm from gaining a large lead and you can continue to damage her, runaway is something you won’t have to deal with. Her rushdown; however, is an entirely different storybook.

Combatting Runaway with Assists

The best assist for hurting a runaway Storm is Blackheart AAA. This counter requires you to choose Blackheart though, something most people aren’t willing to do. If you do choose this option, just drop BH whenever Storm takes to the skies, it usually takes 3 or 4 BH hits before the Storm will wise up and block more. I do not have much experience with this matchup though so if you do try it out, just poke around and see what you can come up with. Storm cannot stay in the air forever so when she is landing cross her up while calling an assist and try to keep her on the ground as long as you can and try to pressure her into doing something risky. I’m not sure what the best assists for doing this are but you can test it out and see what you like. Sent/Commando does a good job of fighting runaway. Activate flight -> fly up to where Storm is -> frying pan + commando. Watch out for random lightning attacks -> lighning storm xx HSF. This can be evaded with unfly mode and random callings of commando. The only thing I can think of with Magneto/AAA other than crossing her up when lands is wavedash -> crossup + AAA while Storm is in the air.

All in all, I don’t have much experience fighting runaway Storms but I do have some experience and the things I posted tend to work more than other strategies. A risky thing that you can try when Storm is landing is dash underneath her and tag in your next character. This is insanely difficult to block if done correctly and can usually result in a dead Storm. Also, when Storm is in the air, you can build meter super quick by just repeatedly doing triangle jumps on the ground. If you are fighting a runaway Storm make sure you are always doing something i.e. one of the strategies I typed up or building meter. If you are fighting a Storm that is running without the lead just chill on the ground and build some meter.

Hey thanks man good strat’s I’ll keep them in mind the next time I play. I’ll give Bh a shot.
umm The storm rush down im not to worried about Im asuming it’s kinda like magnetos:rolleyes:
thanks again

Storm’s tri jumps are much faster than Magneto’s which results in her becoming nearly unblockable.

thx man

I don’t know, I find Magneto’s rush down to be a lot more difficult to block than Storm’s. Also with Storm, I don’t have to worry about throws as much.

I’d much rather be getting rushed down by Storm than Mag.

Hi all I am fairly new to the MvC2 world. I was just wondering what a Tri jump is exactly and how I would go about executing it.



Triangle jumps are when you superjump and cancel into a down -forward airdash - use them for a fast overhead or to cross up.
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