Runaways Thread (we all love Molly and Co.)


i didn’t see a thread for the Runaways, and it being one of my favorites series(es?) i couldn’t stand for that… so here’s a thread for fans like me who can and want to discuss the Runaways:chat::chat::chat:

for those of you who don’t know, The Runaways was originally made up by the team of Brian K Vaughan (writer/creator) and Adrian Alphona (artist) in 2005/2006… it’s about 6 teens (5 teens and a tween maybe?) who live in California, well outside to normal realm of Marvel characters, who witness thier parents murder a young girl, and they decide to runaway… they find out that thier folks are an evil orginazation who rule over all of cali called the Pride… together they runaways charge themselves with stopping thier parents somehow…

i dont wanna ruin anything for any new readers but the normal amounts of marvel brand violence, action, romace, death, and drama are seen throughout it pages and they even carry a little extra comedy (no at a Deadpool level but close)… the runaways even meetup with some marvel universe allstars… it’s still ongoing and the older tales have already been collected into trade format, expect for the young avengers crossovers…

i, myself have been addicted since i picked up issue 6 i think and i’ve bought up every piece of runaways scrap since… i’ve even made some of my own… here some stickers i made by hand a while back:

i never got around to finishing my one of Alex Wilder… or of the other one i planned of making… nor did i get to put the james dean message i planned on witing on them… but i’ll end this OP with them… i think they turned out nice


This is one of Marvel’s best series. Sad that their recent escapades weren’t as good as their first adventures. Still they seem to be getting better.
Nico is hawtness.


psshaw!.. Molly is obviously the main draw of the series… i mean i like Nico and all but she totally played with Alex’s mind throughout the first couple volumes… and Alex was my favorite until he (spoiler purged)… so now Molly is my favorite… i bet she ends up leading the X-men or sumthing like that…


Those are pretty cool. Thanks for sharing! :cool:


really?.. thank you! i originally planned to attach them all together like a collage and send them into the runaways fanmail thingie so i could get BKV to sign em… but they got all tore up when i moved so i had to toss em… i still have the alex wilder one but it’s not finished and i got lots more comic book themed stickers (as well as hundreds of other themes) around here somewhere…


I have to admit I love the Runaways as well. Volume 3 has brought me down alittle with what has happened so far, but I know it’ll all be resolved and back to normal eventually…well I hope it will anyway. :sad:

Xavin and Karolina are greatness…Tho Molly became top tier during the Punisher cameo. I lol’d pretty hard at that…

Nice art, Barzaad, always cool to see new stuff.


My sources tell me it’s gonna get canned if this new arc doesn’t pick up.


stopped reading after BKV left


same here


yeah when BKV left there was definitely a bit of a gap in the series’ substance… actually it wasn’t until after volume 7 that they really started to drag… the new arc is getting better and it’s pretty okay in my book… the way i see it, it’s sposta be showing how the runaways are becoming a true family y’know… also whenever Molly flat out owns anyone (Wolvy and Punisher) it’s just grand, it makes me laugh… i hope to see the runaways cross paths with Deadpool sometime… wouldn’t that be a hoot?


I was kinda disappointed with Whedon’s story. The first few issues of it seemed fine and promising, but the back end of it felt flat to me. I don’t know if this had anything to do with the delays the serials faced (I read the TRADE, BABY). All of BKV’s stories left the characters changed somewhat. Like, the whole point of Runaways is that the kids keep on running, and thus there is no set “status quo” for their lives, right? I felt like Whedon’s story just left them where they began. Kind of an empty adventure.

The art wasn’t as good, either. It wasn’t bad art, but it was just generic, middle-of-the-road superhero art that wasn’t enhanced by the writing. I am willing to give Terry Moore’s version a chance but at this point, only if I can read it for free at a library or something first.


i liked whedon’s story… okay the writing did seem a little half baked… but every super team needs a time travelling adventure at some point… and it did change alot… nico got (spoiler purged), chase got to (spolier purged), victor had (spoiler purged) molly sucker punched the punisher, and they came back with klara in tow… completely different (are we talking about different stories?) as for the art i personally think it was the best the runaways have looked… ever… i mean didju see when Lina was about to be molested by some year 1900 fool, and she blasted him, then she struck a straight up bruce lee pose?.. it was sweet


I don’t know if I’d go so far to call the writing “half-baked” or anything. It just didn’t seem like Whedon had much of a goal other than to tell a fun adventure story with time travel. The characters’ experiences didn’t really leave them changed. I’d probably say that at the end of each of BKV’s stories, the kids grew up a little. Like, they’d face something that was completely beyond them but somehow they were able to come away from their experiences a little hardened, a little more mature, and changed somehow. At the end of Whedon’s story, it just felt like they were all, “Oh, okay, that was fun. What’s next?” I mean, his story was well-crafted and all… I think either he was rushed into producing his last few scripts or he just wasn’t ambitious enough in terms of character development.


i still can’t see you view on the whedon story… they totally grew, learned, experienced, recovered, and overall took a big step forward in serveral different ways… i think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this… but check this out… i think molly is telekenetic… think about it… both her parents were TK (and supposedly siblings (gross)), and when her powers become active she doesn’t go through a drastic change in physicality… but her eyes and hair glow with a sort of aura… kinda like psylocke or sumthin like it… and she’s also incredibly smart, well for a eleven or twelve (didnt she have a birthday or sumthin?) year old adolescent, it’s gotta be some kind of TK… anybody else catch this?.. i just kinda noticed…


the current series is shit, but the true fan weathers the storm, and hopes for a return to greatness.


Hot dang, Taichi is back?!


Is he like a bear-able matrix?
…but he’s right, the true fan will expect good things for the series in the near future.


for the time being, yes.

tho I’m recovering from a surgery to my hand, so I’m not as long-winded in my typing.


Wow welcome back Taichi! :party: