Runback! Donjon Network 2nd Phase! Episode 11 - The Fight Continues On! on 3/11 @ 8PM EST


Who We Are (Hosts)
Two of the blackest forces in US Melty Blood today (SilentShinobi and Brandino) and long-time doujin fighter and Doom Master Blaster (Mizuki).

What is the Donjon Network? (Overall Mission)

  • Brilliant idea to give a show to the doujinshi/poverty fighting game community at large.
  • A very much live radio show that will be broadcasted on a stream site (link to the show is TBA).
  • Organized discussion about a certain poverty or doujin fighting game already released, soon to be released, or cancelled.
  • An interactive fun house where will be able to always answer questions given to us through stream chat or IRC mostly. If you got a mic, we’d love to hear your voice!
  • …what else could there be?

When will this be aired? How frequent? How long will each show be? (Times)
We are aiming to get a live show out to you guys once a month on a Sunday. Actual show time would be roughly 8PM EST. It’ll possibly be the first Sunday of each month, but with this thing still in development, it could be changed.

Each show will be roughly around 2-3 hours. Even more if we’re just being chill and having fun.

Can I be on the show? (Guest Invasion)
We always do accept anyone with any sort of knowledge to come to the show, but you must reach out to us first. If a show has been announced and you would like to join the roster for it, you can PM me, Brandino, or Mizuki BY Friday prior to showtime. This will give us time to make room and time for the other guests we may have. If we have free spots open during the show, they can be filled during but once again PM on here or IRC one of us.

So, can I listen to previous shows? (Post-recording)
The streaming site always have options to save broadcasts, we will be sure to have them saved on the channel.

I don’t have a mic, is there a way I can reach you during the show? (Crowd Participation)
The fastest way you can reach us (which results with the quickest response from us) is to PM us on IRC ( most likely) or stay active on the stream chat. Those 2 are the fastest ways to get your question answered during show time.

How do you fill time in these things? How random do these shows get? (Subject Bases and Requests)
The main idea of this show is to relay a message that there is a living, breathing community for the non-mainstream fighting games in America. It could range from Vampire Savior to Chaos Code. The first hour or so will be us and our guests going over a specific subject of that kind that will be announced when the next show’s date is up. Note that Melty Blood has a podcast of its own so the MB talk here will be to a minimum such as random tournament thoughts or random bitching (lol hope not). Fox and Chibi are doing a great job with their podcast and I hope they can bring bigger and better things to their show and assist us as well.

There is always room to have fun and stay random, but we really do keep the FG community first for the show. How random they go after business time is up to your imagination. I seriously can’t tell you.

Do you accept constructive criticism for the empowerment of the show? (Improvement Posts)
Please let us know of anything that went right or wrong with each show. If we do not have any criticism from the audience, I will assume we’re doing well and keep things going from there. If you say something that will help us out, it will be greatly appreciated.


Donjon Network 2nd Phase - Next Location: Confirmed. (This will be the live channel for the show.)

Episode 11 - Returning Donjon Network! Let the Fight Continue On! Final Round Aftershow and State of the Doujin Address 2.

March 11th

8pm EST (or :15 at the latest)

After an exact 3 month hiatus, we’re back to deliver the Doujin straight back to you!

The first weekend of March was Final Round, and boy was it a tournament to remember! Both me and my co-host Brandino were there to witness all the Melty action firsthand and even some more exciting moments beyond that. Wanna know what really went down at Final Round on and off the ballroom? Gotta tune in to find out!

With any new year’s first show, there are alot of games that’ll be on the radar for many of you. We’ll be getting lowdown and theory fighting our way to what this year has in store for us in fighting games. Which ones will you be looking forward to?

We also develop new techniques on white women to do our bidding.

Guest List:
To be announced soon.


Episode 10

[details=Spoiler]*** Episode 10*** - Farewell, Melty Blood! Actress…Never Again. Northeast Championships Followup and the end of the 2.5 year arc that is PS2 AA.

December 11th

7pm EST (or :15 at the latest)

All great things must come to an end. But in its stead, Blood will rise again!

NEC has passed us by and it’s been known by many as “the last PS2 AA tournament in America.” Over the last 2 and a half years, this community has broken through many barriers including the ceiling itself with a game on a previous-gen system. Against all revisions and updates, they have stuck to their own and persevered throughout the years. The wait is finally over. No more theory fighting guys.

Before we reach out to Current Code at the end of this year, we look back on how much we’ve grown and how much we can grow in the future. From NEC '09 to this past weekend’s NEC, we break down all the great moments this game has had throughout its lifespan. Don’t miss out on this show if you are a true fan of not only Melty, but of fighting games too.

We also give an ode to Arcana Heart 3, which has been pronounced dead at NEC as well. (lol)

Guest List:
In the making. Will be updated soon.[/details]

Episode 9

[details=Spoiler]Episode 9 - Current Code Overload! Eye of the Hype Storm!Forecast of the Final Round Tournament for Current Code***!***

October 30th

7pm EST (or :15 at the latest)

And so it begins. We are officially within reach of the next port for Melty Blood and what’s come with that? More hype podcasts? Indeed!

The first show to the Current Code Overload is the one you have to tune into before you get left behind in the hype! ShinBlanka drops in and helps us get hype and motivated for the first national major for Current Code in America! Of course, its nowhere as a good show without the players of the community so be sure you give a listen on Sunday. Deliver your questions and make your voices heard to make CC at FR a great experience! Also, more theory fighting. I know you missed us.

Guest List:
ShinBlanka, the one and only![/details]

Episode 8

[details=Spoiler]Episode 8 - Evo: All Over! Onto Your Selected Bounce! Official PovertEVO after party show and Chaos Code Special!

August 7th

8pm EST (or :15 at the latest)

Evo 2011 has brought about alot of crazy matches and upsets from all over the board; including in the BYOC area! SK comes on to talk about the Arcana Heart 3 side-tournament and any other crazy games/experiences that he just had to talk about. That ain’t all though! I’ll have some regulars on to talk about the crazy week 1 Chaos Code news (and future match videos) and more future releases from the Evo floor! Also, first meeting of the Kayo-Police fanclub AKA the “If I didn’t know…” club.

Guest List:
SK, novril_tataki, and more![/details]

Episode 7

[details=Spoiler]Episode 7 - The Expo and The Exposed! E3 Recap, CEO and ReveLAtions results, and current news on the Doujin!

June 19th

8pm EST

Last week has been an amazing week of news, games, tournaments, and blow up. We’ll be sure to gather up all this stuff and pack it into a great show for you guys! Don’t forget the mystery movie after the show in another channel that will be determined later this week! Also, the funeral of Yipes Mendoza. We miss you man.

Guest List:
Open show! You want in? Be sure to msg us![/details]

Episode 6

[details=Spoiler]Episode 6 - Night of the Free! Encounter with the Godfather! Sp00ky enters the Donjon Network!

May 8th

8pm EST

East Coast Godfather of all things poverty and the solo force behind TeamSp00ky streams, Sp00ky comes by to talk about games, the future, and alot of shit that’s so poor, its guaranteed to be free donations from stream monsters’ wallets! In other words, you’d go broke. Also, yo’ momma jokes. Don’t miss this great show!

Guest List:

Episode 5

[details=Spoiler]Episode 5 - Fly! Drive! Walk! To The 4 Points of America! Upcoming Tournament Special and Q&A session with the hosts!

April 24th

8pm EST

Big tournaments heading your way in the following months! We talk about ReveLAtions, CEO '11, and more on news of new releases. We will be accepting questions throughout the show to answer as well! Also, Easter service with Kirk Franklin and 1NC.

Guest List:
Open show! Contact us in chat if you want to join![/details]

Episode 4

[details=Spoiler]Episode 4 - To the Final Round! Burn the City with Hype! Atlanta’s Final Found Special.

March 6th

8pm EST

Heading into its 14th year of hype, Final Round is just around the corner! With Arcana, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, and Blazblue in the main game list, you can’t miss this tournament; live or on stream. Also, we question MvC3 Phoenix’s sexuality.

Guest List:
Creator and Head of Final Round - shinblanka![/details]

Episode 3

[details=Spoiler]Episode 3 - State of the Doujin Address! What’s going down in February?

February 6th

8pm EST (we mean it this time)

We talk about the upcoming fighter, Aquapazza and discuss the 1.02 ver. of Umineko. More Arcana talk and respect to the black people that keep this thing going. Also, more stupid ass fanfiction readings.

Guest List:
Listen up![/details]

Episode 2

[details=Spoiler]Second Episode - Sugoi! New Angels are Advent? Next-Gen Arcana Heart Special

January 23rd

8pm EST (we mean it this time)

Arcana Heart 3 has invaded the PS3 and 360! We get the lowdown on the port, the system, and the world of Arcana Heart 3 that you can only hear here! If you don’t own your own copy (or even if you do), this will be a show that you don’t wanna miss. Also, more talk about Vanguard Princess cut-ins lolol.

Guest List:

Episode 1

[details=Spoiler]First Episode - Welcome to 2011! Next Year in Review (Mission Complete!)

January 2nd, 2011

8pm EST (Give or take)

We will talk about all the new fighting games and events that will be going down in the next year for the doujin and obscure community. Games such as Arcana Heart 3, Umineko, Chaos Code, and Vanguard Princess: Prime will be discussed. Also, we’ll talk about how pink is.

Guest List:


Woah, this sounds so fucking interesting, i want to cooperate but i can barely wrote in english so i dont want to sound like your average mexican stereotype (lulz), but i will try to download the podcast, good luck guys!

At least i want some greetings xD


Non-mainstream means everything that is not SF,Mahvel and Tekken. BB and GG are not mainstream as well…:X

Anyways I love the idea. You should also find out what’s up with Monster at the moment.


I love this idea, can’t wait to see this. And yes, I want to know what is going on with the sequel Monster Ancient Cline.


Wait, so i can make question on IRC?

In that case i will be there!


I dunno if there’s much else that can be said about Monster:AC, atm. The last time the game was seen or heard of was like 10 months ago, when it had a loke test back around February. This was also way after AyaImmortal/Chipp Zanuff washed his hands of the project, no less. ShoK has also not updated his blog on the MONSTER website in quite a while.

So, I’m thinking that if the game still does exist, we won’t be hearing anything about it until whenever Examu deems fit.

Any way, I’m looking forward to this podcast. Whatever helps to possibly bring more people to see what else is out there beyond the big name stuff that Capcom tells 'em to buy is a good thing.


I approve of this.
Should make for an interesting talk.


Added a time. Glad to see people interested to hear. Any questions during the show can also be sent to us via stream chat.


If I ever decide to continue my doujon engine I may ask to talk about it someday… someday.


Well did at MBread and HomingCancel so may as well do it here.

For those who have never heard of it and wondering why it’s a runback:

Well this was something Shinobi and I did last year for MBAA when it was released on console. It was mainly just for shits and giggles, but for whatever reason people liked it so we decided to make it a semi-regular thing. Well I got “deployed” to Germany and thus throwing the schedule all out of wack.

Back then it was mainly geared towards MB, but now this is going to be geared towards other non-popular/doujin games like Shinobi pointed out. Even though we’re both MB players and all, there’s already a dedicated podcast solely for MB and the community so we’re not really going to touch on that anywhere near as Chibi and Fox, but we will give our insight on the community, events, etc.

For those who want an idea on what to expect and hear a very rough draft on what’s to come…here you go! The Donjon Network: Too poor to hire a real writer. Needed it for the bus ride to the arcade and watch.


Updated 2nd post with final roster of guests. Get hype for tomorrow.


Get hype for black people being late. Surprise Surprise.

Looks like the show won’t be starting for another hour.


Kagami - A Beautiful Mirror on

Please go here instead. Sorry for the delay.


If anyone has any comments about the show Sunday, please say so here. Thank you all for listening and joining in on our fun.


Question: Is it ok to put it on youtube?

Please get better equipment if you can or do something to improve the quality of the sound because sometimes it’s really hard to understand what you are saying there. (And it’s 10 times harder for non-native English speakers)

Also maybe you can put pictures that relate to the current topic and present it rather than random anime shit.

Overall it was cool. :smiley:


Yeah, im a non-native English speaker and i just understand 75% of what people said… but it was mostly because of the bad quality in audio than everything else.

It was pretty fun by the way guys =)


The move to Curbeh’s page was last minute and we were running late so we didn’t have any time to check audio problems at the time. Just had to run with what we had (including the pictures that Curbeh handpicked lolol). Skype is balls too so we’re always looking for better alternatives like Teamspeak.

If the audio isn’t much of an issue, its fine by me to put on youtube.


I would like to provide cool jazz trumpet improve background music if I ever have the chance :wink:


To everyone wondering about monster: AC. Apperently in my absense, I have been recieving a ton of questions regarding the game. Silent shinobi and I go a ways back. If he wants to have me on the show so I can answer your questions in regards to that project I will be more than happy to do so. He knows how he can get ahold of me