Running a 144hz monitor. Is there a setting in SFV config to support this?


Im not wanting to push the FPS cap on the game, but Im not sure if the game is running at 144hz, doesnt really feel like it.

In SFIV I could edit the config.ini file, but I cant seem to find this in SFV


I’ve got a 144hz monitor too.

Was it in “config.ini” that you modified it? What line and what value, etc? :slight_smile:


For SF4 its the 9th line in config.ini



Hm, I can’t find any .ini files at all.

I guess you didn’t mean Ultra SF4? There are absolutely no .ini files here :expressionless:


I would think running the game at 144hz (if it’s even possible) would cause all sorts of issues due to frames being calculated for 60FPS


Theyre in your documents folder not the steam folder


Worked perfectly in USF4