Running an Online tournament: How should disconnects be handled?


So yeah, the thread title is the extent of this thread’s purpose.

“Running an Online tournament: How should disconnects be handled?”

I got a buddy wanting to run one, this is something we’re stumped on.

How would you do it?


Disconnects generally happen between whole matches. I don’t think I’ve been disconnected during a fight or between rounds.


With HDR in its current state, I’d say aim to have a very casual tournament. The disconnects are too prevalent to make any sort of online environment reliable for a serious tournament, I’d say. And if you do implement any rules regarding disconnects, make sure that those are made available up front to all participants. You don’t want anyone coming up with a reason to bitch later (though someone almost certainly will anyway).


I’d generally agree, but the guy running it has already put up a prize to the winner. So suddenly we both have a lot of work cut out for us.

Exactly, we’re going to have rules clearly posted. However, we need to make rules that can’t be abused and give players a reason to bitch.


How about all games are run in a player match with 3 slots, the 2 players and a third party to watch the fight. If a legit disconnect happens, more than 1 player will be kicked from the room. If someone disconnects on purpose 2 players will be left in the room. For a genuine bug disconnect replay the game, for a dodgy looking disconnect that game is forfeit?

Just an idea


Handle it just like it’s handled in ranked matches…


If you want a reliable tournament, though, you’re going to want to do it offline. Based on everything that I’ve read since this game has been out, online isn’t reliable enough, IMHO. Plus, even if you allow for “accidental” disconnects, how can you really tell the difference? Tournament rules are only legitimate if they’re enforceable.

It’s never too late to change the parameters of your tournament…especially if there’s money involved. You don’t want anybody to dispute the results. Find a site offline. It can be done.


You could also try using some 8 man tournament rooms.
I’ve always wanted to try that with all people I know, but it hasn’t happened yet.


Tournies can be annoying, ive had matches that I have won where the other person goes through


I’ve had that happen once.


Guys guys.

Yeah, I know, online isn’t reliable enough for a -serious- tournament.

But the fact is we’re already stuck in having a “serious” (meaning for a prize, albeit very small) tournament that is online, the tournament was already announced, the prize was already put up. In my opinion the guy who decided on it bit WAY more off than he could chew with that, but hell.

Fact of the matter is, there is a semi-serious online tournament going down pretty soon, and I’m trying to help him out writing rules to try and still make sure that there’s no huge loopholes that people can exploit just so they can get the money and ruin the fun of the games.


Here’s how Syxx573 did it and it went pretty smoothly

Our next one is posted here

I didn’t run these I was just a participant but using mIRC seemed to keep people honest and involved the whole way through. The key is to have a good way to communicate between the players and the host. Hope that helps


That tournament is PS3 only. :frowning:


D/C = a loss.

In the middle of a 15 minute online tournament: No one’s power is gonna go out. No one’s cat is gonna trip over a cord. etc…etc…

Is there a losers bracket to this tourny?