Running for Esports: A 100 day blow up

Hi guys.

I’ve been stream monstering/playing games a little bit too much lately, and I’m really out of shape.

So I’ve decided to start a blog; “Running for eSports”. It’s basically a training program for the cyber-athlete, and anyone can join, at any time. You just set your own pace, and start running. You can document your progress and celebrate with me every ten days, and also win prizes at the same time!

In addition to documenting my progress, I will also feature a gaming stream everyday, from many different genres, as well as posting a random picture just for kicks.

Head over to the blog for more info.
And remember, keep running and keep playing!


Hey guys, just a quick update.

I’m on my 3rd day already and it’s going great. I’m feeling the burn! Anyways, today’s update is SOPA edition, hope you enjoy it. Please remember to check us out and leave a comment to cheer me on if you want to, encouragement is always helpful!