Running into some problems changing my stage music on AE PC

Long story short I got mostly everything converted from .wav to .adx format and for whatever reason, making a new “sound” folder and plopping the converted files in there doesn’t get them to play, So i replaced the original stage music (with backups saved in another folder of course) to get my music to actually work when I’m in the stage.

Now the music kicks on when I enter the stage but ALWAYS cuts out prematurely, like it only goes for about 40-50 seconds and then just stops, cuts out, doesn’t start again. Not sure why or how to fix this. Digging on the internet isn’t producing many results.

Also, another less important question if anyone knows, Some of my wav files simply can’t be converted. I’ve tried a couple programs and they end up crashing for some reason. If anyone happens to know a solution for that that’d be awesome too.

This is the tutorial I followed:
I followed it to the letter, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something here.

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