Running Jabs

I remember when this what the best thing you could do in CvS2 was run jab run jab run jab. All the top jap players would use ryu in n-groove and rush down with running jabs and cancel s.fp into lvl1 fireballs and such well when did this become obsolete… can this still be a affective strat to use??? and if its not what thing made this strat extinct?

Any strategy can be used/re-used. It just depends on when/how you apply it.

Also, if you don’t have some way of getting a mixup in there, the strat will get found out quickly and you get hit out of it and kept away so you can’t do it again.

Running jab, run jab, run jab, break stock, your opponent is going to block, you throw. On wakeup you do run jab, run jab, they block, they think you’re going to throw, so you do cr. short, wait, cr. short counter hit, cr. short, super.

A lot of players first instinct when they’ve been hit with something that hurts is to start blocking up. Like when they know that if they just even trade one more time, they’ll be dizzy. This is always the BEST opportunity to press your attack. Using tools like lighting fast run up jabs, you can very quickly overwhelm your opponent.

Don’t even bother holding down-back when you’re going to use running jabs. Akuma gets fat frame advantage anyway, and the whole reason you’re pressing your attack like this is because you know the opponent is scared to do anything in the first place. Again, everybody’s first instinct is to always block when they’re scared or not sure what to do.

Run them over until they die. :slight_smile:

btw, three running jabs is the most you’re going to get until you’re pushed too far away for it to be safe anymore. You’re just asking to eat a roll cancel or a random low attack xx super if you try to run again then. So Pokes, fix your sh-t… lol

I found that this works good with other characters …GEESE

Damn, I put 4 running jabs. :frowning:

what are some good run strings with k cammy and n ryu

i get spammy supered random fierces and uppercutted too much

Cammy-Run, You have to be smart with run strings, but they’re not THAT risky if you’re unpredictable.

true, alot of chars can do running jabs and that stuff… about 4 walk-up fierces should be do-able if youre opponent is a bit scared when youre raged and stuff like that… I try not to play her with one view or strategy, I just look at the other char and just let my mind go loose with Cammy, retaliating what the enemy is doing… coz that is a big part of her game, outpoking =)

yeah yeah i kno that 3 quick running jabs can still be affective as rushdown but this used to be a dominating strat was it just a time before ppl knew how good blanka and cammy were or did ppl just get bored of doing the same thing? i always thought i was the hotshit to see a ryu rush down like no tommarro and obs never just do jabs always mixing it up with ir s.fp or low jumps and what not illest shit i ever saw

Its just that times have changed and strats got better. People found ways around running jabs.