Running MAME & xbox360 in a single cab - Suggestions?

hey dudes!

I recently came up on a big blue capcom cabinet in good working order aside from needing a new monitor. I’m in the process of setting up a PC to run MAME as of right now. My goal however would be to eventually run both the PC and an xbox360. IDEALLY I’d love to be able to control both without having to reach into the cabinet at all. Firstly, is there anyone who’s done this as of yet? if so, how did you accomplish it? It seems fairly reasonable, but I’m a bit of a novice at all of this.

my initial thought was to invest in a couple of PS360 PCBs and wire those all up with some additional buttons, getting a new control board cut to accommodate buttons in a viewlix layout. I’m hopeful that something like this might allow me to plug the PCB into both the PC and the 360 at once. I could run a button from the control panel assigned to the home button on the PCB in order to turn the 360 on/off. In order to power the PC on/off, my friend suggested pulling the rocker out of the power supply, running some extra copper and cutting a spot for it somewhere in the cab itself.

I’ve got a 27" LCD with DVI and VGA inputs, so I’d likely run the PC DVI and the 360 VGA… no confusion there.

Sound I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into yet.

I really like figuring all this sort of stuff out, but thought I’d post it here to get some fun/creative feedback. Thanks, all!

If you can j-tag the 360 you can have it run MAME as well as Final Burn Alpha. Problem solved.

I have a similar setup. Do both on VGA. Padhack two 360 controllers. Get USB extension cables for the PC. I can switch from PC to Xbox in a minute or so. It’s not seamless but it’s damned close. Don’t try to connect the PCBs to both at once. It’s not likely to go well.

I think at this point, I’m pretty well committed to doing both the PC and 360 as I’ve got the PC nearly fully configured and ready to go into the cab. I like the idea of doing it all on a single 360, but with the PC already set up, it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

I’d REALLY like to have everything set up so there’s no need to reach inside the cab when going back and forth. Kyle, when you switch from one to the other, do you physically go in and switch out which is hooked up VGA or do you use a switch of some sort? My obvious drive is to minimize effort over plugging/unplugging everything :slight_smile:

No all you do is unplug the 360 controller from your 360 & connect it to your pc usb…If you’re to lazy to do that then buy 4 360 pcb & do a dual pcb mod…

I love it. Dual mod two of the same PCB. That’s awesome.

In all seriousness I do unplug/plug. I don’t know what the implications would be to introduce a KVM.

I suppose it’s partially laziness :slight_smile: though, I entertain a lot and inevitably there will be people around wanting to play when I’m not home. another drive is keeping people from reaching into my cab and plugging/unplugging stuff. I’m sensing though that my initial thoughts might be a bit unreasonable. Thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile:

Honestly, the easiest solution I could come up with would be to run USB extenders to the outside of the case, so that you had two female USB ports on the outside. Then run all of your controls to a USB male, and leave the end of it partially exposed. This way you could just easily unplug it and plug it into the other port without needing to reach into the case, etc. Just very simple. It isn’t 100% perfect, but it is very quick and if you put some thought into it it could still look very clean. I’ll draw a quick MSPaint pic of what I’m talking about and edit this post with it in a bit.

Edit: Random ass, terribad MSPaint pic. Can probably give an idea of what I’m talking about though.

As for the monitor issue, I actually use my PC and 360 on the same monitor now. I run my PC through the VGA to the monitor, and my 360 is run with an HDMI->DVI adapter. So 360 HDMI -> Monitor DVI, PC RGB -> Monitor RGB. For sound, I use the audio adapter thing for 360. It only has the Red and White jacks, and the optical audio out. I run both that and my PC’s speaker output to a small sound system, because the HDMI->DVI adapter doesn’t handle sound. I’ll explain that in a bit too, if you want me to be more clear. Basically, the PC runs fine. If I turn on my 360 and hit one button, the monitor switches between the two. If only of the two (PC or 360) is on, it automatically uses the one it is getting signal from.

Basically I run this from the 360’s HDMI port:

and these two together for audio:


From the 360. And I run a straight 3.5mm<->3.5mm patch cable from my PC’s speaker jack, paired with a standard VGA cable from the PC’s video card.

I run both 3.55m audio plugs to my sound system, then to the speakers.

I like this option! gives me a better idea of what can be done with sound… And the whole outboard usb swap thing wouldn’t be tough at all. I could probably make it look quite clean! Thanks for the feedback!

Because Tech Talk!

Only problem I see here is that the power source must be shared, because you are dual Modding, and plugging both in at once is bad.

What I would do? Get a 4PDT switch and connect two USB cables going out. Connect the four wires from controller to the middle four poles. Then connect USB cables to each side, one to xbox 360, one to PC. That’s just if you wanted to keep it all enclosed. A quick USB swap isn’t that big of an issue, really.

Since you brought it up and I can tell you are into shoot-em-ups(your Guwange stick is dope!) just how good is the compatibility shmups-wise for the 360 ports of MAME and FBA?

fbanext plays ALL shmups full speed and xbox360 exclusives shmups. time to hunt for a jtag…:eek:

Yes, Ketsui, DOJ and ESPGALUDA seems to be full speed in FBA Next. Too bad that while the emulation is spot on, you can’t save the game settings so you have to go into the games’ system menu EVERY startup to reset it to defaults (the emu’s settings are incorrect on load - easy difficulty, no autofire on button C). I’ve asked the devs to fix this but the emu hasn’t been updated since. But DOJ and Ketsui are both available as 360 ports, so those are better picks. Do-Donpachi and the other older CAVE games all seem to work in FBA Next as well as in 360MAME.

I saw someone accomplish this using a KVM switch. I am actually looking to do something similar. I made a vewlix clone and am currently running a MAME PC but would like to add my PS3 in there as well. The difficulty I am running into is finding a good KVM switch that works with both USB and HDMI.

I was actually pondering this issue myself, but a KVM solution seems a little more than I need. Trying to get my Kraylix going, and I was thinking about doing a PC/Xbox/Dreamcast lineup using an MC Cthulhu and RJ45. I was wondering if this is possible:

Joystick/Buttons ----> Padhack -----> MCC —> 4 or 8 port Ethernet Hub/Switch ----> 1 connection to each console

I would plan on keeping unused consoles or the PC off, but this would eliminate cable swapping between consoles. I would use one MCC and one hub/switch per player. I don’t have an MCC in a joystick to test, so any thoughts (if that all made any sense)? I know about the PS360+ in development, but no idea when that’s coming out.

or you can just get a pair of ps1 hacked pads/ spiffyshoes solderless hack/ Toodles Axisdapter. and get converters for all systems like ps3/xbox/dreamcast. laugh’s converters are 100% lag free. ps3 and xbox converters can be used for mame/pc too.

dreamcast will lag balls on LCD though. unless you are running it through a scan converter like hdboxpro. even then I wouldnt play any “serious” games(COUGH cvs2) like that.

and most monitors come with multiple hdmi ports. if anything you can always get a splitter from amazon or something.

quick video of my little cabinet:clapdos:

aaaahhhhh man! that does look really damn nice… how did the j-tagging process go for you? did you do it yourself? also, does FB Next or 360MAME run naomi at all? excuse me if you mentioned it in your video. I saw you dancing around 3S. I’m at work and have no sound :slight_smile:

problem is finding a jtaggable xbox. I did it myself. its not that hard as long as you can solder on tiny points. you can always buy a jtagged xbox from random poeple on xbox-scene forums.

and no naomi games yet. from what I hear, its hard for the coders to emulate those or no one looked it yet. would love some cvs2 on this tho lol…:eek:

If I understand this correctly, which is still rumors and conjecture, Windows 8 is rumored to support Xbox 360 games, which I highly doubt.
I am seeing Microsoft dropping Xbox 360 support (like a bad habit) as soon as Xbox 360’s 10 year product cycle ends. That do include the time (few remaining yearns/ months) the new “console” comes in and takes over for the 360.

I also laugh like a bastard if all 360 games get dropped the way Microsoft pretty much drop every original Xbox game. I am not counting the 3 or 4 games that survive the transition from Xbox to Xbox 360 like the original Halo.

I still miss Halo 2 online :sad: