Running Spencer/Nova/-rotating-, pointers?



As the title says, I’m running a team of Spencer (Armor Piercer), Nova (Centurion Rush), and my third slot rotates between Ghost Rider (Chains of Rebuttal), Wolverine (Berserker Barrage) or Frank (Shopping Cart).

I seem to be having trouble deciding on a good third. I like the team a lot, but Spencer needs a better assist to get in with, and thats where Frank or Ghost Rider come into play.

I’m also having a bit of trouble doing Nova’s fly/unfly combo (cr. m, st. h, s, super jump, j h, fly, h, unfly, h, land, etc.). Any pointers on getting this to come out, or any other useful BnBs with him?


Post in the Nova team thread, and someone might help you. Also, check the Nova threads, myself and others have already answered all your questions in detail with both words and videos.


Gotcha. I look pretty newbish now, haha. Sorry!