Running Xbox 360 or PS3 on Dual Monitors?


Want to find out if there’s any lag when running two monitor on a PS3 or Xbox 360 with a HDMI splitters (with it’s own power sources).

Want to run SSFIV on two monitors, will there be a Lag?


Hard to say, depends on the Splitter Involved. Like various monitors and TVs Splitters could lag too.If you go Composite Cable you not have any lag.


There shouldn’t be with a powered splitter. Streams utilize powered splitters all the time for the stream station and it should be no different with splitting the game signal to two monitors. This applies to all analog connections, and generally works with HDMI.



should not are the key words there. I seen some splitters which were great for movies but awful for any kind of gaming.
Also some cheaper splitters have issues with the HDMI HDCP hand shake


Thank you everyone, has anyone did this setup or recommend their setup?


I don’t think I said anywhere in my post that I suggested a cheap HDMI splitter, but I agree. If that’s an issue, just head over to monoprice. A lot of the stream thread goers use it without any issues.

If you’re just using it to play on two HDMI monitors and nothing else, you can find HDMI splitters at and they will work fine for the task. Like smashbro suggested, monoprice would be the cost effective solution.