Anyone ever use these? ever? The command runs, I mean…not just regular running.


Yep, especially his LK run, because he does a nifty overhead that a lot of ppl don’t see coming.

His HK run is also useful if you can do the 360 throw on command since you can link it after he’s dashed by his opponent.


I only use the teleport Run. I usually mix it up within combo strings or when the opponent is on the ground. You can cross up a deadbody a couple times to get them confused.


his LK run is pants, it is basically a slower less useful “Power Dunk”, its just to slow to do any real damage… while his HK version is only useful for getting out of corners but i always use Rolls (it has a quicker cool down anyway) so never have to use it… if you can confuse your opponant by running to his other side, then your playing against the wrong type of people mate.


Yuck. I don’t use Rock’s roll, except for RCing.


does anybody know what they are talkin about? rock’s rh run (its called phase shift, so when u go into adv. rock or rock101, u know what phase shift is) IS GREAT!!! It makes up a lot of shinku-nage opportunities. shinku-nage is the 360 punch throw. you can buffer shinku-nage off of a lot of things. when used up close buffered out of something it is HELLA AFFECTIVE.

ex: opponent is blocking,,, phase shift, shinku-nage

and shinku-nage leads to a super if you have one and wanna use it

i have a question though, one time i saw rock corner another player, buffer a phase shift to the corner, throw them into the corner, juggle with a buffered into another phase shift to shinku-nage, for some reason the juggle isn’t coming out quick enough, any tips?


once you 360 throw, your opponent can be juggled. however, since the 360 has such horrible recover, you’ll have to break it (tap PPP after the throw), or release the energy shot (hold and release PPP after the throw).

in the corner, you might as well release the energy shot for the extra damage. to recover in time to hit your opponent again, you’ll have to release the energy blast early (basically, you release it while the opponent is just starting to descend from the 360, so that they will land on the energy blast). you’ll recover in time as the opponent is popped into the air again. you can then do anything at that point. if you just throw out a normal (i.e., s.rk, etc.), your opponent will go into air recovery and land on their feet. this will surprise most people since they’re expecting to be knocked down, so you could catch them with another shift->360, as you mentioned. the 2 rock threads you mentioned in your post also suggest some other options available.

or you could ignore the whole energy blast and just break the throw and proceed as normal.


i don’t know why i didn’t think about breaking the throw…im a fuckin idiot


You know, its kind of difficult to preform the 360 CT and right after you press AP press 3P. Instead, just press 3P as the final command of the throw. If your oppoent is in the corner, Raging storm as they fall, and Shining Knuckle them if there not (You’ll miss one hit though.)