Rush and infinite hps know how to do them?

yea i was wonder does anybody know how to do that megaman combo when u can use rush and u can do infinite hps? please if u do let me know thanx.

Totally useless. You didn’t hear anything further about it because it’s just an old glitch that people made a pretty video for and that’s still absolutely useless.

You HAVE to have the 2nd player cooperate, and they HAVE to have Venom on point, you have MegaMan, and they have Magneto-A assist. MikeZ knows all about what other assists work with it, but that’s what I remember.

Venom does the web ball capture to MM. He walks forward and does another capture just as Magneto-A assist knocks you out and you HMM.

That’s if I recall correctly. MikeZ or other glitch afficionados will probably know it precisely. But it’s kinda super useless, so I never bothered remembering it. Mike wrote up a longer explanation of it, but the thread was so incredibly lame (not his fault since he didn’t start it - he was just pointing out how unusable it was) that’s admins killed and deleted the thread because it really is useless. :slight_smile:

thnks zachdms

thanks alot for telling me how to do it now i see that its not really worth trying to do since u cant do it in real game play but thanks anyway i hope to talk to u soon on some more info take it easy man