Rush Down tactics and Anti-Crossup Strategys?

(Strategies and not strategys LOL sorry)

Hey guys!

I tend to try not to write question threads when we have a Q&A thread, but in this case I really would like some good explanation of how to get out of sticky situations and preassure!
I use Sagat, and I tend to zone the opponnent with TS, if they get to close I’ll go in, and do a block sting, like,, xx LTK and repeat. But my rush down abilities are pretty weak, after getting a K.D. I seem to only use the throw and TUxx options… so the first questions is, what can I do to keep the preassure going (what moves can I do, crossups?? I don’t know)?

On the other hand, once I get K.Ded. I have a hard time getting out of problems, when they try to cross me up I always block the wrong way, if the hit in front I block behind and if they hit behind I block in front LOL, it’s actually quite sad… =(… so the second question is what can I do to get out of sticky situations?? Should I dash forward/backward or focus, just try to guess the block…???

And last, is there anybody willing to play with me and go over the flaws I have, telling me what I did wrong and what I should have done, I live in the Netherland and right now unfortunatlly where I live there are no groups of players that gather to play this game, so I need somebody from the forum that would be kind enough to help me out, I hope so…(I don’t have a capture card)

Thanks in advanced!

Alright, when you have knock-downed your opponent and you’re in their face as they’re rising up, you need to approach: meaty: You time it so it hits on the last possible active frame, increasing the advantage to +5-6. Also since it recovers in 5 frames if your opponent has a reversal that is +5 frames to activate you can block in time. This technique fails vs characters with reversals 5 or less frames (Ryu’s srk, Guile’s flashkick, Blanka’s EX vertical ball) so in that case you’d safe jump (except against Ryu’s SRK since it’s still too fast). When they block this monster you can follow up with another that acts like a chain (they cannot perform any reversal moves), go for a grab, or go for the overhead (F+HP).

Safe-Jump: Best done after HP TU>FADC>F+RH since most opponents quick-get up. You jump with HK or HP and time it so that if they go for a reversal you have enough time to block, but if they didn’t they’d be forced to block it, allowing you to start your rushdown. Depending on the character input HP TU option select or MK TK option select (for teleporters) for best results.

Against SRK characters:

I really hate these guys since just one SRK and bam a lot of your life gone (ironic since I’m Sagat) but it takes away a lot from your rushdown game. There is a nice solution however, you can late option select tech (basically hold downback on wakeuip, and press after their reversal window). If they do a SRK, you block and punish, if they don’t you them. Now vs. shotos their hitbox is so great (Ryu, Ken), that after they just block that, you can go for the double safe MK Tigerknee, which hits twice on a crouching hitbox and it’s safe. If they catch on to you and start blocking high after the first, simply do a second and MK TK. The beauty about this is that’s a chain from to MK TK, and their best gap for inputting a srk is after both hits of MK TK hits, in which case you can delay a to catch a srk, do a HP TU FADC to catch pokers, and I think even go for a grab. You don’t want to be in too long vs. a shoto at rushdown, but one or two MK TK (which remove about 35dmg or a jab) is really great, so after you’ve done your damage simply end in>low TS for a blockstring that can’t be SRK’d inbetween, and to end your pressure and go back to zoning.

You’re in’ing now what:

Just keep at it, chipping away at their life with safe knees, then after a safe knee either trying for a grab attempt, overhead, or just keep up the pressure. After a tigerknee, if you see that your opponent likes to option select tech crouch a lot, you can delay a HP TU that can catch them and teach them not to just throw jabs/shorts for gaps in your blockstring. If blocked you can just FADC and you’re safe. Overtime, after a lot of rushing down you will have a sixth-sense for what to do and what not to do, and how to break their defense. Most players it takes just that overhead, some just one grab after the, in which next time in that same position you then frametrap into or, a simple but deadly mixup, since you do not want to eat a Sagat combo.

Here’s an example of my rushdown: [media=youtube]FPYqFb_8W8Q#t=7m12s[/media]

Notice after the knockdown I dash in and do a meaty If Dhalsim performed an ultra, I can cancel it into EX TU and avoid ultra, as well as knock him down again. At the first blockstring, even though I hit I wanted to keep the pressure, so I>LK TK, after that if you feel your opponent is the poking type, do a cr.jab which will stuff their attempt and counter hit (which happened here). I followed that into another>LK TK, and this time I don’t know why it connected, but I just went with it. Second blockstring, I conditioned my opponent that after I am going to TK, but this time I made the distance far enough so that if I>low ts or EX ts, it’d be a frame trap, and knowing that Dhalsim can slide under my tigerknees, that’s exactly what I did, and notice it was a counter-hit (due to slide being hit by EX TS). On third rushdown, the second connected since most likely my opponent was trying to tech a throw, and ate the frametrap.

Hope you can learn from this and expand your rushdown game, which is the most fun you can have with Sagat, and for the best rushdown Sagat look up ojisanboy on youtube.

Also about cross-ups…just get used to it and try to react lol. Can’t really help you there, just keep playing, and for sticky situations, you’re going to have to adapt to your opponents mindset, and sometimes just block till you see an opening, that’s the best way to go. And sure I’d play with you, it might be laggy but it’s worth a shot.

Thanks for the tips! I have been using the strings you said with the mk TK, and it is insane… it’s does serious damage! Your video really helped. I’m going to try the to use the meaty, is there some way I can know it’s meaty?? When do I use it, as I see them getting up or when there already up??

Tks game, i like your Sagat! :woot:

When i do pressure with char that hasn’t good reversal (like dhalsim) i use meaty…i Love this poke, decent speed, +1 on block +4 on hit, but the real advantage respect is the time to hit confirm into cr.lp xx TS (to be safe) or cr.lp xx TU for great dmg…moreover you can hold the pressure with cr.lp, xx tk :cool: (obv if Ch came’s out another can be linked)

Well if you fight againts char like Ryu or Cammy you must pay attention when you use the strings that starts with 2 (like x3, xx tk or x2, cr.lp xxTS etc) on block has +3 and startup 5…It means that there’s a hole between one and the other of 3 frame where good player do shoryuken one reaction :wow: In theory the real “block string” is, cr.lp (because is +3 on block and cr.lp +3 on startup) obv i’ts difficoult to perform this link perfectly :wonder:

Ah one think more! on wakeup cr.lp does less adv on block than, but you can block reversal that starts in 5 frame :nunchuck:

Hope this helps

Wow, great posting - thanks for your effort :tup:

@Kniv3s: Thanks, and I agree with all your points, but are you sure about cr.lp being safer on wakeup than It has 9 frames of recovery. Also yes, vs. shotos that’s what I do, stop, then continue>cr.lp chain so no shoryuken can come out, it requires a different strategy when rushing down. Also is good on wakeup being delayed a bit, since it can stuff people or cr.lp on wakeup, but in terms of rushdown it pushes back too far, and doesn’t allow you to do> or> to continue pressure. My main use of comes in blockstring to low ts, since you cannot be shoryu’d in between (as opposed to cr.lp>low TS).

@TBirdSF4: No problem just trying to help.

@ShinKazuya: You do the meaty when they’re getting up. The best way to practice is set Zangief in training mode to record, and make him do SPD on wakeup (knockdown with cr.rh, pause game, go to record, then when he’s waking up do SPD reversal with jab). If you do your meaty, it will stuff his SPD. Also try vs characters like Viper Thunder Knuckle HP, if she does it you have time to block, if not the will connect.