Rush down w/Joe

anything to help my game with Joe. usually play C, moving to N groove. looking for guard strings, advanced tactics, etc. thanx

i do some pokes while their blocking then anticipate their jump with a tiger knee or the other hcb k move.

I run up with standing Roundhouse, and mix it up with some low pokes and such.

jump in mk.>crouching lk. > (lk.) tiger knee

or if i am going for some guard crush,
jumping mk.> cr. lk>>> (mk) heel kick thingy> maybe slide

Egh. Rushdown with Joe?
Can I skip to corner games instead?

Joe has a very fast dash.
His punchthrow recovers slower perhaps than his kickthrow, does less damage, but in the corner it perfectly sets up a qcf+MP, do it the earliest you can. The second fireball hits real meaty, you’re free to dash in while they’re in hit/blockstun.
edit It looks like you have enough advantage to combo something but I haven’t tested this.

Throw them again or go low with d.LKx2 xx dp+LK.
edit You can combo a dp+HK or MK I suppose, but the LK generally will get you better positioning.

Mix that up with RC TNT Punches at the same range following the next punchthrow… although you can followup with RC TNT’s after a kickthrow in the corner too, I don’t like the positioning following it. People may be able to reversal roll out past you.

Also in the corner, after a knockdown if you were irritating enough with the dash in meaty RC TNT earlier in the match, mix that up with a dash in (make it late enough so that if you did RC, you’d get thrown) cr. short, cr. jab, super. If they just block, transition into cr. short, cr. jab, st. mp, jab hurricane. Occasionally add in RC TNT w/ or w/out the slide afterward following the hurricane.

Watch out because smart opponents will roll / jump up against the RC TNT or slide.

Against straight jump ups during your ‘Joe rushdown’ (especially if they do a pre-emptive jump up rather than on reaction), you can do RC qcb+k (preferably lk), or a hurricane, or just walk up and do lvl 3 single hurricane super (crappy lvl 2 can get stuffed) or double cyclone if you can catch then early enough before landing.

Unfortunately, this crap works best if your opponent doesn’t have room to maneuver.

As Hellion suggested, Joe is great in the corner, but midscreen any ‘rushdown’ with Joe is pretty weak. You basically have to find a way to bring them to the corner, otherwise they could runaway all day.

Midscreen, opponents jumping AWAY during your ‘rush’ is only preventable by a pre-emptive RC qcb+k (even hk will miss them sometimes however), which sucks because its easily punishable. They could also super jump over you, and even if you do a double cyclone, only the top half will connect. However, instead of the RC qcb+k you could do jump back hk against this.

When I play Joe, when trying to get them in the corner, mix-up with s. short, s. forward, s. rh, c. rh, c. short, and throws. I put more emphasis on throwing in this situation. Since you are moving to N groove, you will be getting small jump with opens up the possibility of a sj. rh, or even an empty small jump into a throw.
Also, on the opponets wake-up, before they get up you can use close rh and totally miss and prompt them into to doing somethign stupid in which you can get another throw or a close rh -> hcf+rh, or better yet a close rh -> any super. I’ve hit like 6-7 throws in a row doing this. You can stop once you get into the corner and proceed with corner trap.

how do u cancle the hands and do the rh slide…what r the actuall button i can do it by luck only…i heard u can cancle the hands and do a super or activate in to a cc.

IIRC it’s done by linking a cancellable poke after 2 hits from hands. I think it’s listed in **Buk’s Tips of the Day ** thread. Do a search on the threads for that and I think you’ll find it.