Rush Down!!!

does anyone know the most effective rush down with ryu?
as well, is it wise to rush down while you knocked down an opponent, or is it possible that they can counter rush down by using a counter move like shoryuken when they’re knocked down.

oh yeah, ryu in p-groove with the most effective rush down that is.

With P-Ryu, its not too hard to rush. But it depends on matchup/groove, etc.

In P groove you lose RC but you get parry, which equals a free hit after you parry. So that can do alot.

With rushing you need to mix things up before you can get in so that your opponent leaves openings and you can get in.

Lets say you have P-Ryu vs. K-Sagat.
Sagat is doing like, low tiger shot, run in, st. short, small jump Rh, throw. He dashes back because at any point you can do parry into combo if he tries to hit you on wakeup. You get up, and you both start walking back and forth. He does whiff st. jab, cr. forward, it hits. You decide you want to try to move in, you dash in, cr. short x3, cr. forward. He does st. forward, you do parry into fireball. At this point Sagat is raged. You want to be careful. You get in and do cr. short x2, wait, he does Tiger Uppercut, you block. The opponent is just really pissed that he’s not hitting you. You DP the block Tiger Uppercut. Sagat is out of meter at this point. Then you rush him. You crossup on his wakeup, he’s blocking low. You do cr. short, whiff st. jab, throw. Small jump behind him, you do cr. short, cr. jab, wait, he Tiger Uppercuts, this time you know its coming so you parry into shinshoryuken super.

You get the idea.

Idea? You could turn that into a novel.

hmm…What do you mean?