Rush Drill & Beat Plane combos

For awhile I’ve been lookin’ for any worthy two-in-one’s, combo’s or set-up’s into these I’ve found em

Jumping LP, MP, standing close Mega Buster, Rush Drill

or Standing close Mega Buster, HP, Rush Drill/Beat Plane

but now I can’t do the Beat Plane ??

does anyone know any or ones that involve a worthy assist(s)

Beat Plane is for chipping and DHC in, no real worthy combos, and Rush Drill is utter crap… I only use it to be flashy

“Jumping LP, MP, standing close Mega Buster, Rush Drill” That actually works?Did you do this in practice mode with auto block on? I am not able to test it because I do not have access to the game currently.

Only good rush drill combo i can think of is in corner do,lp land c.Rh Tornadoe hold XX rush drill ufand dash in with it. Too bad thi could have been a bad ass combo but capcom set it up so that the pc blocks after the first 3 hits and also not to mention that this combo would have been extremely good because after the rush drilll you can OTG launch and magic series or HyperMega. too bad capcom ould not allow it and had to but that stupid guard.

You cant cancel once you’ve done FP, you can do a FP in the air and the frame will cancel when you land, but there isnt enough time for beat plane or Rush Drill to combo, The Mega Buster uncharged has weird properties… as a special move and a normal move, for instance you wont slow down in the air if you shoot it as if it was a special move, but you cant shoot it and call an assist at the exact same time, canceling is an odd property it has unique to it, cause you can cancel both normals and specials, but you cant cancel from the FP, Cyclops S.FP is the same way…there is no way to do S.FP XX into RD or BP, However if you charge it, it counts as a Special move, so if you really wanted, you could charge it for a bit, then say S.LK,S.MK, Release buster XX RD or BP…but it really isnt worth it to charge, you lose your Zoning and Trapping games, which is all Mega Man has in high level play, and you lose your ability to Air Grab (Not to mention tech hit others grabs), which is also very useful…not to mention if you need to do a far reaching tornando hold, cant do that either…so charging, just to combo RD or BP isnt worth it

Will I could careless if they combo I was just curious really since I usually use them for chippin and to piss off the oponent since they look so stupid and funny

I usually use them for chippin and to piss off the oponent since they look so stupid

We should make a new thread just for those purposes.

Anyways, I still think they limited MM in this game because he could of had some sweet combos and they should take out the stupid upgrade orbs that you get. life shld should be a hcb p or something instead of calling that little jit to help you.

comboing into beat plane…

get the leaf shield first.

activate leaf shield

launch, sj.lp,,,, release the leaf shield XX beat plane

but, instead of beat plane, just user hyper mega man super, it does more and easier to DCH someone else after.