Rushdown Characters: Who is the best?

I vote for Kyo in his 98 incarnation, he could really put a rushdown on anyone with his speed, good combos and lots of autoguard moves.

Magneto and Duo Lon.

Fox in ssbm

magneto… u can just rush that shyt down with mag… especially after flying screen, he can fake u out with a low short or if u block low trijump short OR he can superjump airdash straigh down to fake the overhead and then do short, short+assist into infinite or reset or whatever. mags is just too quick.

WW Gief.

Seconds Fox from SSB:M along with Capt.Falcon

MAgnus thats why they named magnets after him because he is so fast

I think after today Jeron would have to partially agree with my saying Pullum Purna in EX3 is among the best. Nods to V.Rosso as well.

It would seem that Magneto gets the popular vote

LOL good shit.

XX Sol Badguy with meter, Even if put in marvel engine mash out and dp rc and that kills any rush down, plus gunflame frc with that fast timing is broken. Magneto dies to fly back hit fierce with sent. Sol would just dp that shit.

Chaotic Blue

dash in do nothing > dps

:devil: Orochi Howard Dean!!!

Guy with the chainsaw from Time Killers
Mags or storm/ anything really- MVC2

v.rosso (ex2plus)
magneto (mvc2)
eddie (ggxxr)
strider (mvc1)

No akuma?

Pick a character from Melty Blood…Doesn’t matter which one…

OWNED!!! lol

Nah best RD is V. Rosso EX2+

Rushdown Characters: Who Is The Best?..yo Momma On My Dick…oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!