Rushdown: how important is it, for the win?

LOTS of players, esp. in this forum, talk about being good at rushdown, which I’m not good at doing. I tend to use C-Groove, and I use Rock a lot, although today he actually wasn’t my best character by far (even though he’s often my best character against tournament players), so these factors might make rushdown harder.

I also often hear this game referred to as a turtlefest (haha), and some characters make good turtlers, such as defensive players like Hibiki, perhaps (and maybe Yamazaki with his Snake hands?).

I’m just curious if Rushdown is important for any team, if 3 defensive players aren’t good enough to win.

I guess I should start using N-Groove.

I also have to surrender Rock since I’m convinced he sucks against good players: esp. Sagat or Blanka players. DAMMIT. I guess it’s time to work on my new Vega and Bison, since they’re suddenly bringing me more success than my main characters…well…winning with boring characters is KINDA fun ',:expressionless: (Blanka and Vega [claw]).

ok the whole rushdown tactic is actually a huge mind game.when you’re getting attacked high and low by low jabs and shorts(which have huge priority)it can be really hard to think and it makes u nervous of making a move because you are under pressure.a person that can stay calm under the rushdown tactic and not be mentally pressured will most likely win the fight.

it depends on your style of play and the character u are using.oh andlemme give a hint of advice,rock is one of my players and take it from a pro,rock is not a rushdown character.his fighting skills are meant to control a match at all times.if u want a rushdown character similar to rock pick terry.rock to me is more of a defensive player…

Well for me a good rushdown makes people panic and get guard crush then you give him a one, two punch SUPER LEVEL 3 hehehe. About what god ryu it also give a mind bugging thing were ur gonna attack ( i really hate that when it happens to me, but i tried to utilize that with counters).

to answer the original question…it depends on the groove…if u try and rushdown with a-groove…u lose…it doesn’t have good rushdown options…neither does c-groove but u can do it a LITTLE in c-groove. but yeah; it depends on the groove.

Hmmmmm, yeah: that’s cool.

I’m not used to Rushdown and want to get better at it…I sometimes see the opportunity for it, but I’m not good at doing it w/o leaving an opening against an opponent, and I don’t even mean something like jumping on a level-3 Blanka lol.

I like Rock but I’m afraid he’s just not good enough, even though I recently thought he was my best character against good players, haaaaaaaahaha. I agree that he’s more defensive.

I guess A-Groove is all about CC setups and using the startup to blow through most attacks (level 3s also? I dunno).

I’m working on K-Groove again, now, and a new team. If only I can get good with K-Groove Kyo, which I’m trying to do now…even if he’s only mid-tier…

USE ROCK ON UR K-GROOVE TEAM!!! Fuck what other people say about tiers, and how rock isn’t top tier (and i agree that he isn’t, but only 3 people are, and u can say 2 more are but they are groove dependent). Personally…I don’t think guile is top tier in c-groove…I think everybody is learning how to use him good cause of Diego (sp?). I think Rock is very good, his shinku nage has a broad range, and his and are very good too, ALONG WITH HIS SWEEP, phase shift is nice buffered, and when rock is raged they can’t really do much to you. I guess I just get tired of people saying he isn’t top tier, yes, Sagat Cammy Blanka is probably going to be the most dominant team, but are you saying you can’t beat them with Sagat Rock Kyo? K-groove is a groove that opens up the door for a lot of people who are otherwise left on the character screen and get no plays. Learn Rock if you want. Don’t ‘‘conform’’ and just learn cammy or somebody.

i forgot, btw, rock isn’t all defensive against good players. his shinku nage setups spur the offense. (in my opinion)

Well, I agree that it’s important to take some comments and suggestions with a grain of salt, esp. since I often don’t use top-tier characters as well as other characters.

I would rather take my chances with my own fun team, than play Sagat and Blanka all day, and Cammy I’ve basically abandoned, anyway.

I was doing better with Rock than nearly any other character I pick–originally, I seemed to do best with Honda, then Cammy, and now Rock. Some of the guys I play the most have been switching their teams quite dramatically, and it’s really screwing up my Rock…and now that I’ve been experimenting a lot with characters, I’ve basically switched teams, as well.

I thought I was good at JD, just like I thought I had learned to parry well in 3S, but my opponents in both games are generally good at confusing me enough so I don’t manage to JD or parry. I haven’t used K-Groove much, though, so I won’t give up that quickly on it. I just want to WIN more often, first…my ego’s hurting badly right now.

I’ll try Rock in K-Groove.

Do you think K-Groove with Sagat, Rock, and Kyo is really good??? I don’t really use Sagat much, and as is the case for me once more, I’m not good with Sagat, though I hardly use him. I don’t use Kyo much either, and I have a REALLY hard time figuring out how to get in close with him. Almost no one is going to come after me, except for Rushdown freaks.

The competition is just really tough for me here, so I’m sort of starting all over again, with my new team, but if I make any progress, I’ll gladly report back to da forums.

man once u get good at jd and rush down u can be a hell of a player the trick to k groove that ppl dont no is to use your small jump its crazy effective and i use sagat , ryu , kyo k groove kyo is real good has some of the best mix ups in the game take your time and dont give up get the 5 on 5 jap vid u will see what i mean the k groove geese is a good k groove player 2

hey rockatane, i was just wondering where you play at.

smoothcat: can u tell me where the 5v5 japanese cvs2 video is located at please, thanks

I play at UCLA’s X-Cape arcade. I didn’t even know until somewhat recently (last year or so) that it had a NAME! It wasn’t until I started seeing the arcade listing their own local tournaments (and some of the BIG ones!!!) with signs showing their name, that I knew.

I need to learn where San Gabriel is lol. laters, man.