Rushdown Ironman



Need help connecting a solid short (any stance). I know crazy combos from a short but it turns out that it doesn’t work so well out of practice mode. In a match it’s diffferent with people mashing assists and a lot of times when I get that short it’s like defensive so i’m not really in position to combo it. I need to know how to connect that short offesnive rushdown. Ironman is just too slow though. People can see his triangle jump a mile away.
Wheenver i get the infinite in a real match it isn’t from a comboed setup its because the opponent got sloppy and i just jumped into the infinite.

Right now my ironman is zoning character using bombs and unibeams and airdash. Doesn’t work that well against cable so I’d like to work on ironman rushdown. any rushdown strategies?


ur team???


My team WAS ironman sentinel capcom

I found that against cable and doom + AA. Ironman just has a very difficult time against cable. One mistake and you land on rocks and get ahvbed and if you don’t rushdown hard you just get chipped half the match.

So to compensate my new team is sentinel cable ironman

so i try to use cable against cable

I try not to spam assists when rushing down because if i land the kick my assist sets up an easy infinite. besides you shouldnt spam assists against cable anyway


good team:cool: thats mine aswell im/cab/sent ownz

well first off rushdown IM is ok. especially with sent drones. and if you really want the team to be solid u gota have a good IM. since he really isnt top tier u gotta make em top tier, IMO he is top tier. cable+doom isnt as hard as sent+capcom, that shit is hard to beat with IM. but ill give u a tip learn how to set up infs in several parts of the screen. the corner set up is one of the most important to know, and the fly+unfly helps againts sent. it all depends on ur skill level with IM tho. this was my first team and my main team, i love sent+IM fast fly is the shit yo. but thats all for now, if ur IM is wak then i cant help you. rush down run away who gives a fuck just inf that shit, in my case reset that shit, what yall know about IM resets:eek:


IMO i’d rather use IM/Doom/Cable. cuz that’s my team

Doom’s aa IMO works better with IM then Sentinel/drones.
all you do is jump a/d d/f lk lp land {jump a/d d/f lk}+Doom land a/d to the otherside and if cable starts to runaway. jump fp+up a/d up smart bomb down+hk xx fly. fly to the otherside call doom aa then fly back to the other side unfly. with doom just wait for those small hits to start ur infinite.

{} do this as quick as you can


i knew id find u posting here:p

rushdown with normal jump and with short down fp. and call ur assist first. thats all there is to know.

screw the infinite, if u get ducking short jab, just do the super and cacel to sent, its already strong enuf.


haha thats right, id figure i would give some of these peeps some info on IM, and how to use em.

hum now a ducking short jab to pc, thats just not my style yo. plus the inf gives you the chance to GB for free, which in terms kills two characters for the price of one. but to really know how this team is used you have to watch someone use it, uhm watching me might help:eek: . well ill post some strats and traps later, gota go handle some shit

peace, and if n e peeps got skills with IM bring em to evo, plus i love a good IM challenge.


Cable’s aa should be enough to catch someone and leave you time to dash in with something… Psylocke really helps Iron Man out ESPECIALLY when you dash in-

On Cable, Jugg, Sent, Blackheart- dash in, lp, c. lk, c. lp+call for Psylocke, proceed with the infinite(j/f lp, lp, lk, u/hp, repeat)

On Everyone else- dash in, lp, c. lk, s. hk+call for Psy, start inf.


Rushing down with IM is USELESS(unless you’re facing scrubs).ONly rushdown when there’s an open.Don’t just start dashing in at your opponent and tri j with lk,lk like crazy.You’ll get smack by an anti or whatever.BUt,you can always send out your assist(sent drones)then RTSD.It really depends who you’re facing against.If it’s mag,then don’t(keepaway my friend).But if it’s cable RTSD:evil: .Watch out for Commando or other anti.In the end,it really depends who you’re facing against really.I suck with IM so…


useless my ass:mad: , you have no idea what your talking about, and rushing down magneto’s is too good. it just proves that IM is not as slow as many think he is

peace 1


i thought the same thing…not rushing down magneto??? I mean yeah, I zone with fierces, but if he blocks some drones ima cross tri jump him for sure, if he blocks, dash in, lp+drones(rocket punch in my case), dash back, jump, on the way down nuetral fierce, ur back in an even position…and about cable…if he has meter fuck rushin him down…ima smart bomb tk unibeam his ass if he does have meter, that and air-to-air combos. but i juss don’t rushdown cable like its no tomorrow. now sent…he is a beast against IM…too good against IM


Umm…RushingDown Im with sent drones is good and all.But what if your opponent has sent’s assist or other assists(That’ll stop ground).Also,while you’re dashing in with sent’s drones and your opponent sent out his sent’s drones or other ground assists.While your opponent jumps back and do an Projectile move or some others.Or,he could just sj then Airdash down(when drones pass by),then attack you from the head(you won’t expect it coming,since you’re too busy trying to land a RD on your opponent.Fighting against peoples that aren’t scrubs is not that easy.A true IM players are the ones who’s patient to get in,not sent out Sent’s drones and dash in mindlessly.Also,who’d play keepaway when it’s needed and RD when it’s needed.


i dont feel like gettin way into it, but i mean what u listed isn’t a sure fire hit for magneto…matter of fact…one standing rh is death so if he wants to take that risk, i’ll take it. but like u said, rushing down with sent drones is good and all, but it isn’t MY style, I like the rocket punch assist. I am more of a counter assist type of person.