Rushdown Juri



I want tips on how to play a rushdown Juri, I don’t really care if its better to play zoning, I want to add something new to my Juri playstyle.

Should I jump in with j.HP? Its has good priority against anti-air?
How often do you guys go for a meaty atack against shotos? I’m really afraid to go for meatys, but I often get good results!

How to use dive kicks to throw off the timing of the anti air? how to use focus to keep in the offense and something like that

"Mmm... You look like you're in good shape": Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread

playing Juri as a rushdown character is a risky game and depends on who you are playing against.

take advantage of her frame traps, fuhajin store traps. If your playing against a player who is DP happy then you have to learn how to get in, bait DP’s and punish.
I don’t jump in on shoto’s unless it’s safe. Using a fuhajin release to cover a forward dash to get in on opponent works well. But if you keep doing it over and over your going to get stopped in your tracks.

Her dive kick can be used to mess with people. Once you catch someone with a couple divekicks in a match they are going to start getting defensive. Now everytime you neutral jump its in effect a mind game. Are you gonna dive kick? Are you gonna fuhajin store/release on landing? etc.

FSE adds a whole new mixup game if your rushing down with juri. Once you activate FSE your opponent is going to do 1 of 3 things, try to shut you down, run away, or play defensive. If they try to shut you down you let them kill themselves trying to get in on you. If they play defensive you use your amazing forward dash, fuhajin releases etc to get in. If they run away you cautiously chase them down into corner and start your chain attack game.

Basically you try to get in with Juri and do some damage, if you get shut down you rinse and repeat. Mixing up a fuhajin zoning game with rushdown game is a good offense and defense at the same time. If your playing someone and you’ve been zoning the whole match, then dash in and start messing with frame traps etc your gonna either crush them, or get punished. You just have to play smart and read your opponent. Someone who focus’s every jump in you do can be destroyed by jump in dive kick mixup. Once they scared to focus you can get in for free. For DP mashers you gotta mix up your meaty game with baits. If you punish someone more than once with a bait, then you can start to work in meaty attacks on wakeup. If someone blows you up with DP when you try meaty attack, you start baiting them.


What you think about fake (earlier) safe jumping and going for cr LKs to bait DPs?


You would be surprised how much just walking back and forwards and crouching can pressure someone to throw a dp out there. Just saying.


I play the best rushdown juri that i possibly can as of right now and ive never really had a basis on how to do it. The only thing i can think of is stupidly simple and that is to memorize every link and combo that is actually practical then be as aggressive as you can without being a dumbass in the process. one thing i like to do is land a bunch of crossups and then later on screw up the jump distance on purpose so they still block the wrong way or hit em with j.hp (GOOMBA STOMP!). Also try to keep one fuhajin stored. I’m not the best ever but because i hate playing a defensive juri i just felt like i should add something, so if anything i said doesn’t work for you dont hold it against me because these work a bout 80% of the time for me


No such thing as priority, and J.Fierce gives no hit stun at all so unless you’re using it as part of an ambiguous setup, not really.

Juri doesn’t have the tools to stay offensive. Her pressure strings are weak, frame traps are weak, all specials are unsafe on block unless spaced perfectly, and cancelling normals into specials leads to… you guessed it: being unsafe. The only tools she has that even slightly resemble a character that can rush down well are her forward dash, and throw bait setups of which don’t work when people catch on and stop trying to grab/tech.

If you play “Rushdown Juri” against any competent player, you’re going to lose. End of story.

When is it ever safe to jump in on a shoto? lol…

You can’t safe jump, let alone fake one against a 3f dragon punch. Against 5f+ why would you fake one to bait, when you could just do a legit safe jump - block and punish?


not to bash your style of gameplay, but rushdown with juri is entirely situational. You rush down when you have some insurance (stock), meter, and if your opponent is already in the corner.
You’re not gonna rush down a grappler like gief?
You wanna play footsies with cammy, sakura, and chun who have by far better buttons than juri.
You like eating dps?
In SF there are a characters design to rush down such as chun and cammy. Juri is not such character. Juri is in no means control of anything besides the space in front of her.
You gotta play smart with her. You get to careless you’re gonna die. I should know this i used to be a knuckle head juri player and still have some bad habits that linger over from those days.
Juri’s safest normals are cs. lk (3 frames) and bitch slap, fs. mp (-1 on block).
Genki is def right. a smarter player would scrap you. It’s not easy to play a rush down juri. I mean you can try it but i don’t think you’ll like getting out poked and eating random srks trying to do a safe block string.


There are a few things you can do and not be punished for it as long as you’re not abusing them. For example after a light or two, go for an ambiguous cross-up, it’s hard to AA, like some Blanka/Adon players like to do, jumping around you until you make them pay for it.
Try dashing forward behind a fuhajin on guard or doing instant divekicks to go back in, but it’s the same, you’ll get punished if you abuse them.

With 2bars, you can FADC Senpushas to keep applying pressure, something like cl.HP xx light Senpusha > FADC if HP blocked. If HP landed, you’re in an ambiguous cross-up position which allows you to keep pressure going. Or simply 2MK xx HK Senpusha xx FADC > throwbait if blocked.

If you land a hk Senpusha, you can try to do the max range “safejump”, then a Sekku, and then a 2MK/HK or and instant divekick for example, it’s a range not too close that I find to be at Juri’s advantage.

After a backthrow, take around 2 steps forward then jump for and ambiguous cross-up, most shoryukens will whiff.

After a MP xx Store > EX Senpusha, you can do dash > release > dash > light Senpusha, it’s not always safe, but it’s a good trap, catches people trying to jump, frame traps, and it’s hard to punish the max range Senpusha.

Save MK Senpusha confirms for when you want to go back to zoning, if you want to keep pressuring, use light Senpusha, and try a frame-trap, dive or a karathrow behind it. You can reset a highly damage reduced combo with Senpusha xx FADC xx cl.MP xx light Senpusha > Kara-Throw.

After cl.MP xx Store, you can go for cr.MK xx Release, most match-ups can’t reach you at that range within 7f, and the 2MK recovers fast enough to deal with a jump-in with a dash under or kasatushi.

You can use moves that leave you out of poke range and dash forward after them, like after a far.MK or a far.HK. You can cr.HP if you see a neutral jump.

Finding “strings” that catch/reset jumps is also quite useful in keeping pressure going. At -1 you can use far.LK or far.MK and reset a jump start-up, for example after Store/MP/2MP, and react with a dash to get back in. Light Senpusha works too I guess, as long as you use it from max range and not from a cancel it is hard to punish it.
MK xx Store(mid) > lk Senpusha > pause > release for a meaty mid Fuhajin > dash is a less damaging knockdown but allows to keep pressure going compared to the EX Senpusha juggle.

Random FA can help you keep the pressure going too.

That’s just a few ideas I could think of, but yeah, Juri is not suited to rushdown, most of her BNB knockdowns don’t place her in a decent situation to keep applying a decent wake-up game unfortunately unless you nerf your damage badly to be able to do it. And a decent player won’t fall for her tricks and punish you hard.
I’d say save the rushdown for the corner, she becomes much better there (decent mix-ups after Senpusha knockdowns, unblockables after throw, able to stay in longer…), or after activating FSE of course.


There are many corner setups for Juri, that is when i would jump in/crossup.


There is a such thing as a safe jump just due to the reversal whiffing

Corner j.hp causes dps to whiff but they can get hit.


that’s like calling cross up tatsus safe jumps because they either make dp’s whiff or hit them out of it. not really safe jumps, they just work lol.


Fuck the bullshit. I rush down Giefs.


Yes. All I’m saying if a jump in is safe on block, and covers all reversal options, then even if it’s not a deep reversal safe jump in… You can still call it a safe jump.


I think Juri has better footsies than Cammy. I’m new to 2012 though and I’m not familiar with all the changes.


Cammy’s is more solid than juri’s but its cammy’s only decent mid screen poke so im gonna agree with that. Juri has better footsies.


It was obviously an error.

Don’t play footsies with cammy. Her buttons are better.


Check the frame data for cammy. Her buttons are def better when it comes to footsies. Juri has better fs standing footsies. makes cammy your bitch.
Same for chun and same for sakura. They get in on you expect to block a lot.


Check the frame data for cammy. Her buttons are def better when it comes to footsies. Juri has better fs standing footsies. makes cammy your bitch.
Same for chun and same for sakura. They get in on you expect to block a lot.




Theres no such thing as rushdown juri. And lol at my old opinion.