Rushdown Kyosuke

I was playing on XBL against NewGuy101 and he has an AWESOME Kuosuke. I don’t know what he was doing but I had no answer for it - great poke strings, corner traps, etc.

Does anyone know some good strats for corner traps/pokes? All of the threads I read say he sucks but I have seen him played well, just didn’t record the matches so I don’t know what he did now…


I don’t think he sucks. I do great with him as a battery character and a starter in R1. People believe he sucks because he’s slow and his moves have serious recovery time. He’s not great, but most people get thrown off by him and let me tell you, unless its great rushdown K-Groove Sagat, Kyosuke pwnz Sagat for free online.

His traps are very elementary and rely on the fact that some people don’t know his specials and/or priority on normals. Most of the time they can be easily foiled with a roll or just by blocking.

If you’re talkin n00b killer tactics go for this. Up against anyone with godly standard anti-air like Rock/Ryu/Rolento/Maki/blah blah blah… If they’re half decent they’ll use st. RH or cr. FP like mad to punish jumpins. If you’re Kyosuke, bait this with a simple super jump. Time it right and throw out an Air Cutter (qcf+p). This thing has mad priority, never seen it beaten by a dp and has range so that you can avoid any standard anti-air.

If you’ve hit them, they should be in the corner cuz it knocks ppl back horizontally like Ryu’s Hurricane Kick AND knocks em down. If they stay down, walk or dash up to just within sweep range with Kyosuke. Throw an lp Cross Cutter and time it so that they are forced to block. If you can predict it, great, but if you can’t then wait and see if they crouch or stand to block it. If they stand, cr. RH sweep and repeat. If they duck, Lightning Strike (qcb+p). It’s fast and looks weird and most people don’t know what it is. If it connects, dash backwards once and you’ll be in perfect range to start again with another lp Cross Cutter.

If they block the cr. RH, fine, pressure them. If they roll under your Lightning Strike, you’re f’ed. Again, a lot of people get caught by this… (I mean… mad ppl get caught by this online…).

He is a zoning character that chips damage away. His pokes suck and are easily defeated by a lp dp. If you’re close enough, don’t use pokes when you can simply dash backwards and use lp Cross Cutters. Find the sweet spot for your lp Cross Cutters. You must ALWAYS be in the sweet spot range for them. I’d say it’s about 2 dash lengths. It’s hard to jump over, hard to roll through and can punish fireballs and special moves from this distance. If your too close, dash back or jump back and be prepared to fire out a Cross Cutter if they follow (never use Rise Kick (qcf+k)). If you’re too far, always dash forward. His Dash is hella fast and intimidating. Use his Cross Cutters like crazy. Use em so often that you’ll be able to bait someone into rolling and punishing with a throw or launcher. Train them with Kyosuke and you’ll be owning like mad.

Three things to note, if they get hit by the Lightning Strike, go for it again. Some ppl never learn. Especially online… Also, if they get hit by the Air Cutter, go for it again. Some people will think they screwed they’re timing up and try to counter you to no avail. Thirdly, bait his Lvl 3 super Rising Kick. Ppl think he has no anti-air other off recovery. Use it off the ground when they jump in, or bait it and super jump and try to get them to do an uppercut or a counter jump. You can use the Super Rising Kick in the air for mad damage.

Unfortunately, Kyosuke gets pwned by Vega, Chun-Li and Mai. Surprisingly, his cr. FP does great against Blanka, but not the other three. Vega sorely rox his world…

BTW,… Newguy101 is ok but not that great. Take it from the rank 20-30 guy. If anything, he prolly copied my Kyosuke. Heh, j/k… maybe…

On another note, you can combo his Final Grade Remix on a crouching low kick, and if they roll, pop them up with his crouching forward roundhouse, then jump after them, low kick, qcb low kick for a nice 3 hit. if you have a full super (this isnt K groove move but…) tag on his level 3 at the end.

The only reason why this dude’s Kyosuke is any good is probably because of the lag on Xbox live and the lack of Roll Canceling. EIther way, it still shouldn’t allow any Kyosuke to win.

I really wish he was better. The reasons why he’s not any better is because the lack of priority on his normals, lack of range/speed on his normals, the wierd ass hitboxes, the inability to combo into a launcher into and air combo which is really the only great thing about him, and the ridiculous lag he has on everything. I hear the Xbox version helped out with the lag on some of the shittier chars though, so he might be a little better.

Your best try with him is to try and zone people out with him and use proper blockstun to cover yourself when you Cross Cutter. If you do it right, you can zone with a poke string into a into the different strength Cross Cutters (because different buttons have different trajectories), poke with stand rh, and anti-air with an early stand mk. He really relies on his fireball. But unfortunately, that’s pretty bad too.


OH yeah, the easiet way to land a Final Symphony Remix is to use it as an anti-air. Wait for the opponent to get real deep in the jump, then use the invincibility frames for a really fucked up DP.

Goodness gracious. I’ve just been graced with one helluva show with a pure rushdown N-Kyosuke. Compliments of Yooney, rank 60+ on X-Box Live. Never have I seen such a display.

If this is what Newguy101 does, than I am ashamed to say I was better than he. Anyway, gist of it is running rush, Ryu style. Except ducking strong buffered into lp Cross Cutter is his choice. Almost no rolls. If you’re turtling, he’ll run up, st. FP or cr. FP buffer into a fp Lightning Strike. He rarely jumped or rolled.

After making you into a turtle with his fearful rushdowns, one of his favorite tricks was to empty small jump and when he landed cr. mk into Rising Break Lightning super, cancelled into a air combo. Extremely fast. Most times, this little display was done in the corner. One little weak point was that he rarely did a regular small jump with fp to train you into blocking high so you get the point after getting hit twice with this.

His favorite pokes were cr. mp into lp Cross Cutter, cr. mp into lp. Lightning Column, st. fp into Lightning Strike. He was pure rushdown and I know I ain’t doin it justice. I saved a replay of my bro gettin OCV’ed. My rank 29 bro gettin OCV’ed by R1 N-groove Kyosuke… Yeesh…

I’ll post later with all the goodies next time.

WATCH THAT REPLAY!! Better yet - if you had the ability to post it. But if not a play by play would be great. I really wish I had recorded mine because I need to see the flow again in real-time to understand it properly.

If you have any more details please post them.

On problem I have been having - how to break someone elses rushdown against me when I am Kyosuke. Once they are on top of me in the corner I can’t seem to do anything, much less start my own rush. What are his “get off me” moves that can reset the match momentum?


This I must see. Where can one get this video?

I know Xbox live is completely different from th earcade because of the lag, but still…

Counter attack if the groove lets you.

Uhhh not to be an asshole on purpose or anything, but are ppl really retarded in the sense that they cant see the OBVIOUS solution to a Kyosuke “rushdown”. If some1 keeps on running at u with a c. strong or whatever he’s doing, don’t u think that throwing out “random” c. fierces with Sagat or whoever would completely kill that retarded strategy? I never understood how running and doing attacks over and over can shut down ppl’s brains. Just PRESS A BUTTON! He will run into it. Do anything, but for crying out loud dont keep blocking OBVIOUS shit like that. Man, on top of it, random moves to stop running bullshit “rushdown” is mostly safe. What’s he gonna punish ur whiffs with? His mighty c. rh that takes 2 minutes to come out?

Anyway, Kyosuke is zoning character…if ur getting beat by fucked up strategies like running c. strong, then u need to rethink ur own strategy.

Heya all, I’m an average Kyosuke player and what I have to say about the rush is… There’s a wierd opening that some might not think about. After the x lp.cross cutter, you can hit him. The cross cutter’s lag is sort of crappy and there is an opening after so if you have a special, feel free to use it after the lp.cross cutter. This tactic works against the cancel but it’s a bit harder when Kyosuke is zoning you decently. I’m not a very big fan of cancel, as I am more partial to lpx3 s.hp x lp.cross cutter or mp.cross cutter, depending on the distance and character. There’s lots of different mind games Kyosuke you can play and I consider Kyosuke one of my better characters rather than my Sagat or Rugal. I like the fact that you have to do a lot to beat people and it makes me feel like I am actually doing something rather than taping down my FP button and rubberbanding my stick to the db position while playing as Sagat hahaha. Kyosuke is mid tier in my book. Not low, but not high because his lag is a little slow but while doing rushdown, you don’t have to worry about his lag very much I don’t think because his rushdown is decently smooth and many mind games can be played off of it. When playing XBL, if my Kyosuke is on, I can nearly OCV lots of people, if not actually OCV them. The wins with him are attributed to people not know what they’re going against.

And for the guy above me… The reason people block is because the “run and do a move, repeat” rushdown is very quick and sticking out random moves won’t always land a hit and if it doesn’t, then you’re the one taking the damage. Another thing is that once you start reacting, the rusher most likely will pick up on that and start baiting you to do things in his favor. That’s why you block… You also have to look for the openings o.O You ever seen an Akuma run rush? Good luck with that one buddy hahaha. That’s a murderer. Don’t expect your Sagat’s cr.FP to save you that time because you’ll get walked all over.

if the cross cutter has on opening after that is why u just dont do it when u feel like it. whenever I get a knockdown I throw a low cross cutter b4 they get up becuz it will get 2 hits or if they block it hits them twice and u can add more for the guard break.

Im starting to use kyosuke in my team and hes to unpredictable to be beaten easily.

what I do most cross cutter after knock down s.hp if they block cancel hp into qcb p.

if I get a the first three hits I try to throw out a super cross cutter hoping it will connect.

dp p, that move is agaisnt rush downs. its to sudden to react if u use it rite. its range is pretty decent.

I dont recommend to use the air combo c.hp xxqcf HK will do more dmg then that.

if u like using it the best strings are lp,lk,mp,hp,hk.
or for show, lp,lk,mp qcf k.

kyosuke maybe slow but he is powerful, if u think he sux and gets beaten by a kyosuke, does that make you super sucky?