Rushdown Strategy



Since that is what playing Yun is mostly about, I’ve decided to start a thread on effective pressuring strategies. Every that Yun has can greatly add to his offence. He is fast, got nice pokes (jab, standing fierce, crouching forward), has a fast jab lunge punch, nice overhead, grab command, three angles of divekicks, fast combos…etc. Share your best strats and post away!


Yun can go under regular fireballs and over ground fireballs. His jab is definately a good close range poke. After knocking down an opponent with the lighting fast lunge punch, I either dive kick so that I hit their feet when they get up, cross over with a dash then cr.short, jab, short, strong, fierce lunge punch, a well timed grab command, overhead, repeated jabs or short, fake or real twin dragon plams, or nothing. Never get predictable, especially with the dive kicks (make sure that they are perfectly timed) and grab commands.


wait, how do you fake a palm thrust?


Qcb+pp or ppp if you prefer. You can fake an early palm thrust then grab command:)


of course here I am too lazy to actually go look at the command list.


how do u handle a K sagat…??i cant fight him much!!


Sagat is always a problem. If he tries Tiger crush into Tiger uppercut, you can jab lunge punch him before he lands from the Tiger crush. You can try to jab lunge punch when he whiffs a jab uppercut or whiff a poke. A lot of sagats abuse their cheaply overpowered pokes and you can take advantage of it if he whiffs. You should also be able to punish a blocked fireball with a jab lunge punch. Once he’s down, you can try to play wake up games or bait out a wake up Tiger uppercut then punish accordingly.

RC plam strikes are a real help as they beat out Sagat’s pokes. Don’t try to go an all out rush then get a lunge punch blocked because Sagat hurts and Yun takes damage bad.


well i usally jd most of it but i hate jab,jab grab that is
soo cheap…i dont really RC much but i only use it with RAIDEN,
IORY ANOTHA…but i cant fight a sagat with raiden he is 2 slow…!!
as for YUN i like him against YAMA cuz he seems 2 stuff most of his


Learn to RC Yun’s lunge punch on reaction. It’s useful for going past Sagat’s fireballs. When you feel a throw coming, tech hit. Remember, Yun’s jab is fast, has range, and can chain really fast. You can do the same thing to him. He gets occupied JDefending your jabs then you walk and punch grab.

Remember Yun’s level 3 dive kick super. Since it seems that you are using K groove, it’s a giveaway. Anyway, Sagat players tend to forget that super because they get used to beating out anyone who trys to jump in. He got the anti-air, but you got the bomb!

RC rising kick (qcf+k) is an underestimated anti-air. Use it to counter those annoying jumping kicks. If he intends to JD your anti-air as he jumps in, you can lunge punch underneath him as he is jumping towards you. It’s sort of like a Athena runaway teleport. It gets you out of tight situations.


well RC is good an all but i’ll try it this week and see how i comes
out…!i prety much got used to K that’s why i dont RC anymore!!


Yun is more an offensive character that defensive. It is better to hit Sagat with a RC palm strike than to JD his pokes. Keep the pressure up without getting Tiger uppercuted (easier said than done). With enough lunge punches and palm strikes. You should eventually dizzy Sagat which is what you want. Experiment playing Yun more offensively. If you are using sweeps, consider replacing it with a crouching forward or standing fierce.


just started using yun off and on lately and i’ve noticed the following things. Since lots of people ask for sagat specifics, i’ll include some

  1. DON’T GET HIT… you have to play yun like you play akuma, which means you need to either have an airtight attack plan, or you need to bait out moves. If you play p or k groove… it’s imperative to learn to parry or jd tiger uppercuts… Against sagat though, you shouldn’t be jumping because of his wealth of anti-airs that will either beat you out or trade and deal 3 times more damage to you then him…

  2. best pokes are standing fierce, standing roundhouse, jab, low forward, sweep and overhead. The standing fierce and roundhouse should be extremely vital once you get someone in the corner using yun. if sagat whiffs a fierce just out of range… lunge punch… don’t use that thing unless you’re sure its at safe distance or gonna hit.

uh… lost all passion to continue… may start again later


S. rh is not so good as a poke. It’s best tossed out once in a blue moon because it’s really slow. At the very least it gives you a knockdown. IMO, his best pokes are c.forward, c.strong, s.strong, c/s.jab. Anti air people mainly with RC Lunge, s.forward (EARLY), c.fierce and j.rh. Ken would use s.strong to set up people for c.short into RC command grab, so it’s pretty good. c.strong into jab lunge punch is a LINK, so you can do like, c.strong, OH IT HIT, jab lunge. His best meaty hit/pattern would be: c.strong xx jab palm thrust. It’s a two hit combo that actually does hit, and does pretty good guard, plus, you set up a spot where you can jab lunge things pretty well. Has anyone here gotten down RCing the fake palm thrust down? I can pull it sometimes to like dodge normals and punish after, but not so consistently.


Hey Gandido, I agree that standing roundhouse might not be the best poke. The range is really deceptive though. The sweep also isn’t the best. Once you start using it often, you might get into a bad habit but really, it’s not THAT good. Crouching forward into jab palm thrust works too.


hi something that i like to do on Xbox live is after a knockdown

do a qcb.lp it works well. if they block do a qcf.lp because they will try to hit after with something. It aslo produces a lot of block damage.


That works. Yun has better recovery after his shoulder ram and palm strike that most players think.

I underestimated Yun’s dive kick. Although it’s risky and it does poor damage, it is a very important part of Yun’s rushdown strategy and mind games. It might even open up combos. Do the dive kick fast so that the opponent can’t react. Or sometimes stall in the air to keep the opponent guessing whether to counter your dive kick or to block to avoid a level 3 air super. Never ever become predictable. But keep the strategy and pressure going. One thing that I sometimes do is back dash or forward dash then immediately lunge punch. I’ll post more later.


I realized that Yun cannot really possibly go totally offensive all the way since he can easily be countered by a smart opponent. I guess that waiting for mistakes such as whiffed pokes might be useful. Staying at a standing fierce’s distance and walking back and forth might bait out some attacks. You can also poke with standing fierce once in a while. Crouching jab is good but standing jab is better because it allows you to do the jab, short, strong chain which is important even if blocked. The strong, fierce, back-fierce can still be comboed off a well angled dive kick but the range on the back-fierce is so poor, that I prefer to avoid it most of the time. It was so good in the Street Fighter 3 series but now is a hazard to Yun’s health. You can’t even properly combo any supers afterwards. Don’t even bother unless you are sure that you are in the opponent’s face and you want a change. Really, Yun got something better for almost any occasion.


Does anyone know good poke strings with yun?

I know his basic 5 hits, but the lunge punch leaves you too open at the end to finish with it when the opponent is blocking… :bluu:

also, try RCing the command grab… AMAZING! plus, when just a bit outside of the throw range, the roll start will make you move forward just a bit, putting you in the range. :cool: AND heh, AND beats a rising shoryuken :evil:

so euhm yeah… good poke strings :slight_smile:


jab jab short strong weak shoulder


Or you can do jab, short strong, and do nothing after that

You can also follow the basic chian with a fierce for poke and maybe a jab lunge punch. The jab lunge punch doesn’t leave you open if you just let the tip be blocked.