RushDown Thread!


I know rushdown loses to RCing and even turtleing (sometimes) but I thought this forum needs a rushdown thread.
So post up your rushdown tactics, strings, and characters of choice. I like using K groove Akuma, Chun, and Sagat 2 when I want to rushdown. Akuma ususally gets owned hard but it’s too much fun!!!:lol:


Akuma and Chun are not exactly the best k groove characters that come to mind :). I also play K groove too, but I usually “turtle” my opponent to a victory. The only character I used to rush down is Rugal. Fireball and chase, he can break guards down so fast.


with my rock (dunno if im keeping him…) i usually try to switch between rushing and tutrling, coz when im raged i can do raging storm when they jump in

i usually rushdown completely with my cammy, her small jump hp, hp, mk cannon drill is too goodddddd

and my sagat is a mixture, try to mp, hp uppercut, and when theyre down, shoot some shit


I use Terry, Rock, Ken, Kyo and Geese in K. With Terry I ALWAYS rush. He’s just so quick. Rock is different. His lps and lks arent as good, i tend to turtle with him. Ken is both, Kyo is rush (offense all the way with him) and Geese I zone most of the time.


kyo is all about getting the opponent down :smiley: i love it

geese’s roundhouse owns you


Yeah you are right K groove Chun is fucking stupid!!! But I play to have fun so that is one of my characters…
My Akuma is scrubby so I do his basic patterns and throw in a demon flip kick grab every now and then and I try to JD but that shit looks nasty cuz I fuck up so much:lol:


K-Akuma is really advanced. But he’s also the strongest Akuma in my opinion. A-groove is second (because A doesn’t have an easy way to punish Blanka balls). I wouldn’t recommend using him if you guys are still messing up stuff all over the place though (how are you going to do kara f+MP, demon 100% then?). Stick with the easier to use C-Akuma instead. He’s a little scrubbier (more room for error, and it won’t really matter), but being able to airblock (so you can jump and throw fireballs a lot more) and store raging demon is a big advantage. Tiger knee air FB’s are also a lot easier with no low jump to mess you up. I pick C-Akuma at the arcade… do random dash, raging demon and all the scrubs there go OOOHHHH!!! RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN!!!

It’s pretty funny.


My question is: what are some good special(not super) moves to combo off a landed(or blocked?) small jump?

Obviously the shotos/Sagat DP afterwards. DP+K w/ rugal as well. Blanka’s got the hops and electricity. I use Mai and I havent been able to get her QCB+P to combo off a landed small jump, but I dont know if it’s impossible, or I just keep fucking it up.

Ooooh, never even occured to me… but maybe Honda’s hundred hands? I just hate not having a special to flow(and equally hated, when i misfire a DP) into because a deep landed small jump w/ no combo is a free throw for the opponent. How do u guys use ur small jumps?


Free supers in “rushdown” grooves

I will post this for the people that might be in a cave and still do not know it but any groove that has a small jump with a level 3 on hand can do “unblockable” supers. The only ones I know of are sagat doing a small jump short into the level 3 “hot foot” super, Sakura doing a short into her kick super level 3 and rolento’s short into supers] (any strength) where he has a hook sweep the ground. I think this works cuz the opponent has too block high or it all will combo. When they block they are frozen in block stun so it is impossible for then t block the low super. Apoc taught me this junk a long time ago so I give credit to him for enlightening me on the subject.:slight_smile:


Oh shit… the shinakuma unblockable! :eek: :eek: :eek: :lol:


ThisGuileKillya: There’s a few other ways you can use little jump… you can jump with a long ranged attack so they can’t throw you afterward… you’re too far away.

Straight up little jumping can be really good anti-air with a lot of characters too (and usually pushes you out of throw range if used up close). Remember, You don’t ALWAYS have to hit high with little jump either…

Then there’s the BS like, you empty little jump, then go for low attacks. They might get hit because they expected a high little jump attack… that’s a rushdown strat if you 've got them on the defensive.

Can someone please verify this little jump->low super tactic? I don’t believe it. I mean, yes, it’s good… if you catch them blocking wrong and it’s real tight and blah blah. But is this really an unblockable tactic? Someone tell me a little jump into low super that’s garaunteed unblockable everytime? I don’t see it. shit, wouldn’t K be best in the game then? you get knocked down with no reversal and you lose 50+% right there… twice a round even.

This may also sound stupid… but what exactly is the point of kara overhead into raging demon again? This is the one setup for RD that I never really use…


Thanx, marvel… yeah, i love using the small jump sagat FP as AA. blanka too jumping up.

As for the unblockables… all i can say is i know it works w/ sagat’s small jump RK. if not a true unblockable, it’s a killer mixup


The overhead into raging demon reduces the amount of time (frames) it takes akuma to grab you. I think it might be 0 frames or something although im not sure the exact information.



I don’t play K OR N or even S for that matter but i do RTSD. C style. i do it with Ryu-Ken-Saget my beta team! Overall Sagat the most. why? cause its so ez too… plus i have a nice half gaurdbrake with him. so simple to rush down ppl when they dont know what’s comming next just as simple as zoning u rushdown like crazy and i zone them out for the rest of the match if i see them catching on. Ryu - Ken? Ken its ezer to rush down with him simply cause of his QBC-kicks why not it works. with Ken and Ryu just rushthem down into a corner and thenzone them out.Ken is so nice at doing this cause of his range to me. (My opinion). Ryu i just use basic Sf2 tatics with him nothing fancy just dF,super or Crossup Mk,dS,dJ,dS,super. seems to work. basicly play keep away with Ryu tho.

(Hate all u want) (Just my Opinion)


Gwai Lo: Whu? How can the overhead change your super?

I just thought it was to keep you from jabbing… so if they’re standing, they don’t go into blockstun/hitstun.



No offense, but this is what your post looks like to me…

lkjsdkjfbiudordfj more random garbled letters

I don’t know what abbreviations you’re using for what… :confused:



it looks like wdqoiuhqwubqwufbqfubq gibber? or u just cant read it or something?.:lol:


hmm, maybe this is why they are grabbed sooner, like i said i dont know the exact information, my friend did the overhead thing on me and i couldnt jump out of the raging demon.


I didn’t think you could jump out of Demon when in grabbing range anyway… Demon is the shit! It’s like a gief FAB mixed his running bear grab. :slight_smile: No wait… I guess it’s more like an RC’ed running bear grab.


i use a n-groove chun, sagat, yama rt2 team.

chun is a real killer against anyone that can be sbk trapped. heck thats ur 80% rushdown right there if u can get it down right. just zone with, jump or crossover with lk, then sbk trap. with chun u can also run then, or run and d.lp, then super. her super no matter what level will get the opponent scared because they are damagin. if u dont have a super then instead of super do a puff ball for pressure. when theyre in the corner and throw in the sbk trap when u can, u just cant abuse those two enough.

thats my 2 cents