Rushing down with doom



I am having serious trouble trying to get this down. It is not so the movement it is staying on the opponent and getting in.


Just don’t. Let them come to you. Photon shot covers nearly the entire screen, and Air Photon shot is hard to get around, as well as PBeam spam. Let them come to you, and when they’re in foot dive range, dive on the bitches and dash cancel into high/lows with a lockdown assist ( And if you don’t play with a lockdown assist, sorry, you don’t get to rush down with Doom at all. Pick one or you’re hindering your Doom significantly ).

If you’re against a keepaway character that you can’t really do much about ( Rarely is this an occurrence, but it can happen, or you might be down on life or whatever ), then theres always the option of random photon super+XF cancel into ToD combo, timing is tight though but i’ve seen people convert from nearly full screen and SJ height off this. If you play with a lockdown THC like million dollars or shuffe, make your opponent block something like missiles on the ground then THC and dash in off it, if you can’t get them with a high low in all that time, or even the crossup Foot Dive inbetween blockstun gaps, then I dunno what to say.


I guess here’s my Doom Theory for you. I usually use Task V.Arrows as my lockdown assist (unconventional and probably sub-optimal but it seems to work for me) but I agree with TenguEgg that without some form of a lockdown assist (more accurately, a way to keep them on the ground), you’re making it difficult on yourself.

  1. Doom’s offense is based on being above his opponent (and this applies to all levels of combat: ground, jump height and super jump height) and/or his dash-cancel ability. Usually the first thing you need to do is learn how to safely approach your opponent. The most obvious choices are moving in behind Photon Shot, Missiles or Assists, but this is only half of the battle. The other half is approaching your opponent from one level above. So if you’re opponent is on the ground, try to approach at jump height. If your opponent is jump happy, attack from above his or her head. Super Jump height is where Doom struggles because it becomes a lateral battle and you’ve probably noticed that while butter gun ( j. :h: ) is good, it’s not exactly going to win many battles for you and his only other real air-to-air combat move is j.:l:. This is why characters like Trish who can just stay in the air for long periods of time or even someone like Haggar who can spam the pipe for air-to-air superiority can be difficult to rushdown.

  2. PBeam purpose is 3 fold: a) Force the opponent to come at you from predictable angles since most characters have very linear air approaches and b) Punish assist calls c) Chip them to death and no it is not cheap. With Doom, you can basically dominate the ground with PB forcing your opponent to come at you from jump height (which then boils down to you attacking at a higher position than them) or from super jump height (which means you have to track you opponent and influence them into a lock down assist). Doom requires you to be patient and understand that to exploit his main strengths, you have to put your opponent in disadvantageous positions. Most rush down characters kind of have a dominating presence in one facet (Zero normals, Felicia Speed, Hulk Armor, etc.) and with Doom it’s that you can pretty much chip to death if they aren’t willing to come to you. Also, don’t be afraid to chip to death if that’s what it takes. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you aren’t going to be able to rushdown effectively and you’ll have to just do it from long range. One thing I will recommend is that get used to using both PB :h: & :l:. Since :l: has less recover it is less of a gamble and can be used for baiting and assist punishes better than :h:. :h: obviously is brutal and should be used when you are confident you will make contact.

  3. Regarding staying on top of people, (and this is where online makes it nearly impossible IMO because of lag) you have to get comfortable with dash-canceling in the middle of block strings. This pretty much negates AG, but more importantly, allows you to call an assist and go for a mixup. Here’s a video with regard to what I’m talking about


Doom’s offense pretty much boils down to pure footdive, cr.:l: from triangle dash and j.:m: unless you get used to dash-canceling. I’ll tell you right now, anyone who knows what they are doing will know how to stop these linear approaches since they’ve dealt with it enough at this point. Or they will just use the :ub: tactic

Hope that helps!

Latveria shall ever be Latveria- Dr Doom thread 2.0

with this said, is anchor doom usually a bad idea?


^Not at all. Doom is a top 3 support character because of his assists and can easily make the first two characters 10x better which justifies his anchor slot. Same with Sentinel and Ammy.

Hes not a terrible anchor if you get good with him, play patient and learn matchups, but hes not gonna be making three character comebacks like Wesker, Strider or Skrull.


Does no-one use tri jump j.:l: with Doom? because it’s close to impossible to see if it’s going to hit or whiff directly into cr.L & it crosses up. combines with dash canceling, you get to do a nice sequence of overheads and lows in your blockstrings.

I’ve seen MarlinPie and Joker use this now and then.


I just find it too inconsistent against most characters and the height to get it at is pretty specific.


I’m used to Magneto and I find the timing kinda similar, about whiffing it though, is it really relevant? Like, you see a lot of Dooms do empty tri-jump > cr.:l: . Which is strong, but it’s kind of all you expect from Doom right now. if he’s tri-jumping, he’ll go low and if he’s box-dashing, he has no choice but to go high.

The tri-jump j.:l: while it’s not the thing you should be relying on to get a combo started, does net you unexpected overheads on unprepared players. Just a “backpocket” thing.


It can also cross up! Definitely an underrated move.

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So wrong on so many levels I can’t even be bothered to correct you.
@OP: Doom is a great rushdown character (given the right assist). Find yourself a horizontal beam (my favorite and use it myself is Strange [bolts])/overhead (nova [rush])/low (deadpool [quick work]). His tridash is quick, he can cover distance with footdive (which you can fly&beam/shot cancel) and is able to dashcancel his footdive for getting by pushblock.

Also, his standing.H can be jumpcanceled. So you can continue pressure (if they block) by doing cr.L, cr.M, s.H, (jumpcancel), footdive -> high/low mixup. Call an assist on s.H (which has two hits, giving you plenty of time to do so).