Rushing with Kyo?



I’ve been having trouble rushing down with Kyo like I do with Terry. I like to jump in RH, s.RH and go fot the qcf+p combo (this is 90% blocked, though). This hasen’t been working as well as I planned it to -.-…heh…any good strats for rushing with him? I’ve checked the other threads, but all I see are combos…


Run cr lk
Run cr mp

He’s like, N groove Ryu! Back when N groove Ryu didn’t suck


Stop jumping so much:p

-On a connected you get a free link with (or XXchain

-smalljump dHP is a very good move for mixing up; it creates knockdowns and can crossup some characters

-Empty small jump into sets the b&b… I like to cross up with empty smalljump when the opponent is down and then c.lks.

-s.HK is a GREAT move (both close or far versions); I use this a lot

Neways, there’re more, but that’s some basic stuff…


I was actually wondering if it was safe to just randomly throw that around and then quickly do an orochi nagi if it connects? Will it reach?


i dunno what orochi nagi is, but the only move that his far standing hk might connect with is his qcb, hcf+p super. if that’s orochi nagi then my bad. i think i saw a japanese player combo this…


crouching jab, standing roundhouse, qcb hcf +punch super. I think it has to be level three, not sure. Anyway, its very easy to do, just make sure you get the motion down.


but the bad thing about c lk s hk u have to be closer, and instead of doing qcb hcf p might as well do qcf mk then the special or hcb k