Rushing with Magneto?

What do you exactly do to rush with magneto? I always get beat in speed and im always playing defensive against most characters like wolverine akuma t-bonne psylock everyone.

I know im playing mag wrong because hes suppose to rush people not let people rush him but I dont know how to rush properly and with what attack?
I always go for roms sooo im predictable but ill still usually win with my bad magneto? Yea I play scrubs/am one for now.

And what do you do against t-bonne with magneto. His drill punch is annoying, it puts me on the defensive and gets mad chip damage.

Please help this amateur magneto! lol.

a few things…

  1. Losta Trijumping with fierces (HK usually) but sometimes FP ADDF FP… both over and over
  2. Losta Trijumping with LK’s
  3. losta dashing and chasing your opponent and never letting them escape. If they’re on the other side, chase them. If they fly up in the air (like runaway storms), chase them. basically just get on their ass most of the time
  4. Know mixups / crossups to fool opponents and confuse them
  5. Know some resets
  6. Losta airdashing / ground dashing, to get to your opponent
  7. Using your assists a lot, help his rushdown tremdously too… sent proj, sent ground, psylocke AAA, cyclops AAA, storm proj, cable AAA, doom AAA, etc

All those stuff above makes magneto seem like this speed-demon beastly rusher, who can HUNT down anyone and DESTORY. Afterall he is the king of rushdown :smokin: Oh yeah, and watch some expert vids from god magneto players… IFCYipes, wigfall, Sanford, Justin Wong, soomighty, etc. especially yipes… his magneto is CRAZY and seems to be on speed / crack / acid and just plain BEASTLY!

[media=youtube]m78-vv36u6M[/media] - yipes
[media=youtube]UVJ9xcrN3bo[/media] - yipes

Focus on how they move and the way they move. Good luck :smokin:

the basic strategy for rushing down is having a VERY quick tri-jump attack. doing this makes it really difficult to block on reaction. they’ll have to rely on anticipation. This is when you get tricky and setup the mind games. you have to mix up between tri-jumping and going low. with magneto you gotta turn everything in to a mind game. sometimes you can fool people by tri-jumping a bajillion times then out of nowhere go low. that one touch is all you need so you just gotta be random as fuck.

don’t blindly rush though. Sometimes you gotta play calm and defensive before you can rush down. if you can’t get in on a person, then obviously try and let him get in on you and look for a counter hit. if they sj and do a punishable move, then sj and hit them with like a lk,lk, hk. this will cause fly screen and give you advantage and a chance to rush down.

always remember there are 4 options. attack high or low on one side, or high or low on the otherside with a crossup. now if your execution is on point, that only gives them a 25% chance of anticipating where you’re going to attack.

if the opponent doesnt have an anti-air then you can damn near rush all you friggin want. if they call an assist out by accident/purpose then they’re asking to get DOUBLE SNAPPED. don’t overlook snapping because its one of magnetos deadliest moves.

if the opponent has an anti air, don’t rush down when his assist can be called because you’ll eat it almost no matter what. so predict the assist call and as soon as the assist whiffs, rush that shit down with a couple tri-jumps. it makes it a lot easier if you snap in their anti-air and kill the nuisance.

thats all there is to it aside from his resets and combos.

watch videos!

with magneto i have a problem with triangle jumping i always shootin two green blades after the super jump, you know the one where he crosses his arms and goes “huhh” lol. how do i stop doing that.

make sure you’re not hitting up, forward-up, forward.

just up or up-forward or up-back then down or down-forward

also please look through all the MvC2 forums and character specific forums…like Magz forums. you’re asking a lot of questions that have been answered

is mag/storm/cable a good team?

it’s pretty good. definately not the worst

Here, watch and learn [media=youtube]FQEIcjLPGnQ[/media]

a good tactic that helps me alot is dashing with a standing jab or crouching jab to keep them from jumping away from u when rushing. this keeps them grounded when they think they’re gonna be able to jump. then u can keep rushing them till u get them open. i do it to cable and sentinel alot. for sentinel, when i rush in they get nervous and try to jump. So what I do is jab, pause, sj over and dash forward with sj.fp which crosses them up and do the infinite.

at the start of the match, u can jab to keep them from jumping straight up, then rush them and snap them out. normally the air is like a safe haven when someone is rushing you too much.

its a psychological thing that makes them paranoid because they feel like they cant get away from u. Watch Sanford and Yipes MSP matches. if u play them, u feel like theres no way to safely get away from them.

I think that successful rushing involves 2 things: a) getting in and opening up room for pressure and b) maintaining that pressure.

The first is done by magneto’s mobility. 8 way dash, 2nd fastest wave dash in the game, tri jumps etc all give him an edge over other characters in terms of the ability to get in and stay close to the opponent. Tri jumps with hp and hk are great for applying the pressure, and tri jump lk and even lp works well in confusing your opponent. Add those to an assist like Psy and you’ve got a a character that can go high to low, switch sides and mix up in miliseconds. The best thing is that you can go from defense to offense in a split second, and in so many ways too. From sj hp addb hp/hk (mag’s main way of building meter), you can either dash in tri jump, dash in + assist or heck dash in, jump airdash over + psy. It’s damn flexible. Use mag’s mobility to get in and stay close.

Now how do we keep on the pressure? Mix up and Reset. A few Basic resets off the cuff:

Rom, dash under + psy

Rom, dash under tj lk

Rom, sj lk addf (switch sides) addf lk + psy, hyper grav, c.hp sj airdash down dash under into whatever

throw resets, etc.

That’s what seperate average magnetos from the great ones. Keep your opponent guessing, use FS set ups like the 5 fierce, sj hk addf lk hk and stuff like that. And I really like what tech said about how opponents only have a 25% chance of blocking Magneto at every opportunity. If you are able to keep your opponents in such situations, then I think your rush will improve by leaps and bounds.

The subtleties of rushing differ from character to character of course. For instance with the big 4 you don’t wanna blind dash in on to Storm or Cable because of their You don’t wanna airdash straight against Sentinel, coz that’s pan ( j/ sj hp) territory, etc.

You’ve gotta be careful rushing as well. Although it may sound like an oxymoron, too many magnetos die coz they blindly rush. Watch out for stuff like the above, as well as assists like Commando or Cyke. Try something like rush, block/see the reaction of your opp, rush again. More often than not, you can beat amateur opponents who like to mash on assists by blocking the AA, tri jump/ airdash over the other side, + psy or and double snap for the win. haha.

hope that helps. just my 2 cents

chunksta gave some pretty good advice about magnus. Play patiently. Best strategy in the book.