Russia Bans Reddit


Maybe they should start banning all their racist fans who show up to make monkey noises whenever black players play in Russia. Or banning idiot citizens who think it’s okay for their president to elect himself emperor for life.


I wish the US would.


What Reddit is awesome. My favorites include:




Shame they got rid of r/fatpeoplehate though


r/putin stole 50,000,000,000.00 dollars and now says his country is broke then launches!!!

–e-war on drugs, starting with redditerderp

listing the costs of the winter olympics after the bid was announced to Beijing China, the fact that 100% of games have gone over budget

The last one, Russia 50 Bil more than the next one, like 1-2 bil, they were all that low comparatively, was just glossed over so quickly on Bloomberg. It costs a “lot” of money to host the olympics, no shit after 50 billion heist, and nobody really benefits, outside of Barcelona used it to become a better updated fixed port with the money spent and became the top destination for travel in all of Europe somehow.


They didn’t ban the whole site here. Just the link to the thread with the shroom preparation manual


Reddit is shit because the anonymity people have on that site make them into asshole extract. Every time I see the site on the news I’m openly hoping they pulled the plug on the server.


Welcome to the fucking internet.


Still doesn’t excuse the behavior. The internet should be a better place but instead it has become a place where people can be assholes with impunity because no one knows who they are. It’s as if public shaming holds them back from being the full creeps they want to be.


Yeah, the winter olympics was a pretty big eye opener in terms of corruption. It’s one thing to read about, but to see it in during something that is supposed to be on that grand of a scale being the biggest flop in the last decade aside from French Montana…well that’s saying something.



The site is shit because it’s run by feminists and like-minded cultural Marxists who take down any reddit that goes against their ideology.


That’s not the only reason the site sucks and you know it. It harbors vitriolic beliefs that do no one any good and just lets people with disgusting habits and hatred vent. There are reddits there that I am legit shocked are allowed. This is probably AOL’s last bastion of profitability and to have topics such as r/coontown and r/fatpeoplehate is absurd.


Don’t mind us. Keep going.


The way I see it no one is getting harmed over this interaction across the internet, which is part of the reasoning why people act without regard. There also isn’t any enforcement over this, so people have that freedom.


I like reddit but I stick to things I know I like. Baseball team, city, books, shit like that.

Then you have all of the other horrible shit and the hivemind. I wouldn’t say that’s just a reddit problem though. It’s just more of a microcosm of the internet, where there is a lot stuff that you like but then you see what your neighbor likes and it’s like right there…

Also the anonymity lets people take things they don’t mean too far and hurt people. But again that’s just the internet as a whole moreso than it is a reddit issue.


Fuck Reddit.


I like Reddit for squaredcircle and specific video game reddits since I hate GameFaqs.


Who the motherfuck are you?


Right, during the Ellen Pao regime.


What makes Reddit stand apart from other sites? It’s mentioned frequently.


It has a reddit aka forum, for every topic on anything. And if one doesn’t exist, you can make one.