Russia gets hit my meteorites. Much vodka and borsh is spilled


Some meteorites from the asteroid hit parts of russia


Sephiroth’s attack has begun.


In Soviet Russia, meteor hits you!





I for one welcome our new superpowered Russian overlords…


I can’t believe that the heavens would comet such an act of aggression towards us!


Apparently this asteroid is going to be closer to the Earth than all of the satellites we have in orbit. If anyone needs me ill be in my basement. Under a bunker made of couch cushions.

Also what I found said it’s supposed to pass on Friday evening. So has it already gone by or what?


(sigh) Should have gotten that titanium bunker when I had the chance. :frowning:


You Oughta Look Out




Please. :(|) ~O)


That thing left fire in the sky! The asteroid later today isn’t related too!!! Hope it hits North Korea!


This is probably viral marketing for Man Of Steel.



This had nothing to do with the asteroid that is coming close to Earth;it was a separate event.




Zangief will use Siberian Blizzard on the meteorites.


power of the power of the power of the power of the


We joke now, but when a meteor hits North America, you’ll be wishing for Holy to stop it.


I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


You people need to stop with the bad video game references, because this is exactly how zombie outbreaks begin. Communist zombies are the worst kind. They are going to be radioactive and everything.